Matrimoni Italiani At Lavolio

‘’My love feeds on your love, beloved, and as long as you live, it will be in your arms without leaving mine.’’ Pablo Neruda


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A marriage is always a wonderful celebration where to express the strongest demonstration of affection and union between two loved ones, as well as the perfect occasion to bring out a couple’s creative side! The best part of the day is that it will be a one-of-a-kind occasion shared with the love and well wishes of each other’s family and closest friends. As we celebrate our founder’s Lavinia’s wedding in Puglia, we’d been lucky to be immersed in the culture and traditions of our very own Italian wedding!

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Something Old, Something blue and some.. CONFETTI!

For Italian families, traditions are central to a matrimony, as they symbolise the true family essence and reveal those key aspects that are part of their own cultural baggage. That is why, in Italian marriages, among many traditions, the one that is closer to our hearths is the give-away of the so-called “confetti”, classic Italian Confectionery.

In English, the word confetti means small pieces of paper, but in Italian it refers to sugar-coated almonds, which are given to the bride and groom traditionally as a symbol the five qualities that should never miss in their new stage of married life.

Auguri agli sposi

During the wedding day a tray with sugar coated almonds is decorated and sometimes combined with other items such as coins and rice to wish the new couple a life with Health, Fertility, Wealth, Longevity and Happiness. After the ceremony, rice is thrown at the couple, and everyone gathers around the Italian bride and groom to wish them a prosperous future.

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Don’t forget the favours!

As a special memento, personalised wedding favours are given to the each of the guests. Each Italian wedding favour means gratitude and appreciation from the bride and the groom and they usually include hand picked sweet treats. From our London Boutique Confectionery we offer a bespoke Lavolio service to create your special wedding favours: our miniature tins can can be personalised to match your wedding theme and stationery and they can include any of our signature luxury handmade confectionery.

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We’d be delighted to help adding to wedding day an Italian touch with our luxury Italian Confectionery. Once the day comes, do not forget to enjoy your wedding day to the fullest. Fill it with joy, love, fun, and, finally, thank your guests in style with Lavolio extraordinary bespoke confectionery.

From the team at Lavolio