Enjoy the Lavolio Experience



Delicious Handmade Confectionery.

Real pieces of fruit, nuts, and jellies wrapped in chocolate and spices.
Much more than a box of chocolates.


Each Lavolio sweet has a delicate sugar-spun shell hand made in the old-fashioned way.

Our Journey

British-Italian entrepreneur Lavinia Davolio abandoned a high-flying career in banking to follow her passion for food. She could have opened a restaurant or trained as a chef, but instead she decided to invent a whole new category of luxury confectionery…

How an investment banker
became a confectioner extraordinaire


Lavinia grew up enriched in the famous family gastronomic tradition in Italy. She naturally spent a lot of her childhood experimenting in the kitchen and inheriting family recipes from her grandmothers. Her love for travel and adventure inspired a global education which stretched from Italy to the US and to China before she was lured to the UK to work for an investment bank.
Throughout her 9 year career her appetite for culinary creation remained constant. This appetite combined with her sense of adventure gradually developed her unrivalled passion for making original sweets and desserts at home: and so, the heart of Lavolio Confectionary started to beat! Having discovered her ambitions lay in food rather than finance, she took the plunge and created the Lavolio company, leaving the City skyline behind.
“It all started with an idea.” says Lavinia “and we have now sold more than 1 million Lavolios! Our mission is to bring you the finest sweets from artisan candy makers, beautifully packaged for an extraordinary gift experience.”

After a few months spent travelling around the world, Lavinia’s dream of a proper confectionery revolution is about to be made a reality…
Lavolio creates a stir among London-based stockists and the food press with an extravagant launch party at the Italian Cultural Institute in London
We start selling our sweets in food markets around London: early buyers have never seen anything quite like it before. The markets sell out and order more stock!
A chance encounter during one of these markets leads to Lavolio's first stockist launch: the family-owned Partridges of Duke of York Square
Lavolio hand-crafted luxury confectionery is awarded 3 stars at the prestigious Great Taste Awards by the Guild of Fine Foods
The Lavolio team grows, we get a shiny new office. Our HQ is based in Fulham, not far from Chelsea and we celebrate because we are near a post office
Lavolio is launched at Fortnum & Mason, as explained by Lavinia: "This feels like a dream come true!" We even feature in their Piccadilly window
Our first nationwide stockist OCADO adds Lavolio confectionery to its range. Suddenly it’s easier for most of the country to get our delicious surprises
The Huffington Post publish the story of our founder Lavinia Davolio, writing about her life as an investment banker turned professional foodie
We’ve won an Award! The Grocer magazine names Lavinia one of its Top New Talents for 2015. We celebrate with some new stockists
Pop-up store in Old Street station: we meet an American customer who buys one box of Decadent Spiced: turns out he’s the global marketing manager at Amazon!
Lavolio signature collections go live on Amazon Launchpad (where inventions take flight) and you can now buy them conveniently on Amazon Prime
Great Taste Awards for our Handmade Italian Confectionery like no others, worthy of 2 more stars for our deliciously soft but not sticky soft nougat. Bravo!
We are live on TV! For the first time in her life Lavinia is interviewed by SKY NEWS and she is caught munching Lavolios on camera.. how very typical of her!
The Telegraph dedicates a page to our growth story, describing our journey from finance to confectionery. A long road that started at the kitchen table, many years back..
Lavolio’s luxury confectionery is enjoyed by Royalty, Michelin-starred restaurants, in prestigious establishments and in boutique food stores around the world!