A Lavolio Box For Every Occasion

Our confectionery is very very special and we put a lot of thought into choosing the right ingredients to go into our five signature Lavolio Collections. With 30 different flavours to choose from, each Lavolio box represents an authentic and delicious luxury, which is the perfect match for any occasion.

Here is a little inspiration on how best to enjoy your box of Lavolios, both for self indulgence and gifting…


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This Collection is a big favourite for those who dare to enter a deep, dark and chocolatey Italian forest. Inside each beautiful tin you can discover a mix of our finest Italian almonds, hazelnuts and pistachios which will send you straight to chocolaty heaven.


Of course there is no wrong time to be tucking into a box of Nutty Forest, however we recommend this Collection to go down perfectly with a glass of wine, such as a nice full bodied red. We adore this bottle of Barolo 2010 from Piedmont.

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The ultimate indulgent treat for coffee lovers and for those adventurous enough to try the unique flavours of orange zest and saffron, pistachio and chilli, and crunchy coffee beans coated with aniseed.


For your next dinner party invite, don’t bother bringing a clichéd box of chocolates. These sophisticated and innovative sweets are the perfect after dinner treat and go perfectly with your coffee at the end of an evening. Fingers crossed the host is good at sharing!




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With the Collection inspired by the aromatic flavours of Turkish Delight, Arabian Nights will lead you down a confectionery wonderland full of roses, violets, lemons, almonds and pine-nuts. All wrapped in a delicate sweet shell, these sweets are begging to be eaten.


Serving a Moroccan mint tea with an authentic box of Arabian Nights is a beautiful accompaniment and a real treat to the senses.

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If you are a fan of coconut and chocolate with something a little nutty, this is the Collection for you! This moreish selection of almonds, hazelnuts and coconut jellies will send you straight to coconut paradise. Each sweet is carefully coated in different chocolates and coconut essential oils to make each mouthful burst with flavour!


Give as a memorable gift for someone who loves coconut and has a big sweet tooth. Our sophisticated tins can be kept and reused as little storage boxes or keepsakes too. Two gifts in one – what more could you want!

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We have picked the finest cherries, almonds, apricots and lemons, and turned them into something special. Using traditional artisan methods, we layer each one with different chocolates before enrapturing them with their sugar-shell finish.


With the tastiest, juiciest fruits and nuts, the Fruit Garden Collection makes the perfect accompaniment for any type of cheese. A glass of wine wouldn’t do any harm either!

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To see our five unique collections on our online boutique store click here.

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