Best Luxury Chocolate Gifts In London

Are you in London and you are looking for luxury chocolate gifts to offer to a special someone?

Chocolate boxes are one of the things that can be offered as a gift to people that are special to us and are always sure to be successful and appreciated. Here are some of the best luxury chocolates in London, excluding, of course, our own Lavolio Confectionery.


What started as a family tradition became one of the most prominent Belgian chocolate brands. Godiva has stores worldwide, including London. These master chocolatiers have a wide range of products: chocolate boxes, bars, ice creams, and even their coffee. Also, walking into one of their beautiful shops will make any chocolate lover feel like being in heaven. It is worth pampering yourself or satisfying those closest to you with one of their wonderful chocolates. Godiva is recommended as a luxury chocolate gift in London.

luxury chocolate gifts london

2. Artisan Du Chocolat

The artisan Gerard Coleman founded this chocolate shop in London, located in Notting Hill, to satisfy sweet lovers. Coleman, trained in Belgium, offers an immense variety of products made with extreme care and premium ingredients. Without a doubt, and for those who want to get away from the big brands, Artisan du Chocolate is ideal for luxury chocolate gift boxes.

3. Mast Brothers

Mast Brothers have only two stores globally, one in Brooklyn and one in London. Surely, this already gives us an idea of ​​how special their chocolate can be. The brothers Rick and Michael Mast created this brand in 2007 with the idea of ​​offering an extremely carefully crafted product. Handmade and characterized by its simplicity. They have a wide range of products, especially chocolate bars, that combine selected ingredients to offer the best experience to those passionate about chocolate.

4. La Maison Du Chocolat

Piccadilly, Oxford Street, and Harrods are home to shops by these French master chocolatiers. The diversity of chocolates and the variety of ways they are presented make La Maison du Chocolate another wonderful place in the British capital. Also, preserving their French heart, they have a wide assortment of artisan macarons. It is a beautiful place and a must-visit to get a luxury chocolate gift.

5. Melt

Melt owes its name to the fact that chocolate is the only food that melts with body temperature. Londoner Louise Nason opened it in 2006 in the West End of London. Its careful aesthetics and extreme quality make it one of the best chocolate shops for luxury chocolate gifts in London. Also, those interested in learning this art can attend the courses taught by the same company.

6. Montezuma’s

Montezuma is perfect for adventurous chocoholics. Why not try a chocolate bar with paprika and strawberry or some dark chocolate mixed with lemon, pepper, and tequila? Montezuma’s team is known for creating experimental and quirky chocolate bars with flavours that you haven’t thought of before. They truly are one of the ideals for a luxury chocolate gift. They also offer some interesting British combos like Apple Crumble, part of their Great British Pudding Bar line. You can see their passion for chocolate in the brand’s wide variety of handmade chocolate bars chocolate, fudge, and even truffles. They even offer delicious ice cream in London.

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