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Fondly Introducing… Fondant Lovelies

You may be wondering just what are these pretty pastel-coloured lovelies I spy?

Introducing the new natural confectionery treat from Lavolio: ? Fondant Lovelies ? so named because they are, well, just soooh lovely.

Did you know that the name “fondant” is from the French, literally meaning “melting” and indeed these beauties melt the moment they touch your tongue.

Our delicate luxury confections made using a secret recipe are the newest addition to the Lavolio family of delicious artisan surprises. What we can disclose is that our six natural flavours - violet, lemon, raspberry, almond, orange and pear - are all made using essential oils to bring you an exquisite taste experience.

Lucky recipients of the monthly Pink Parcel treat were the first to try them and we’ve since been overwhelmed with all of the amazing comments we’ve received.

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“Perfect little sugary mouthfuls of joy” - Fiona
“I have just received your fondant box in this month’s Pink Parcel and omg they are so unbelievably nice. They taste amazing.” - Kay
“I'm in love with them” - Heather

If you’d like to experience them for yourself or give them as a gift, they are now available to order on our website.

Lavolio-fondant-lovelies-pastel-confectionery-artisan-london-foodie-gift DSCN5147 900 x 754 px

More ways for you to treat yourself to the Lavolio experience. Hurray!