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Make-yourself-a-better-day Recipe From Lavinia Davolio

Our daily routines revolve around various activities that reveal how healthy, happy, active or productive we are. We are all so busy and sometimes these routines can bemonotonous and leave no space for amusement. What kind of things can we do if our busy agendas sometimes do not allow us to find the time for our hobbies or for ourselves?

Well, Lavolio’s founder has her own special Italian recipe to make the best of each of her own busy day, she is sharing some tips on simple but enjoyable activities that make a significant difference to her hectic day. Enough to bring her perennial smile on her face!

  1. A pinch of “espresso energia”: According to Lavinia Davolio, the best way to give our day a kick-start is with a the smell and the aroma of a good fresh cup of coffee. Her favourite: Italian Illy coffee. Her morning ritual includes a frothy latte paired with something sweet. It’s a nostalgic and very genuine thing for her, as every Italian normally likes to have sweet things for breakfast. Adding a few high quality handmade Italian sweets makes all the difference, try adding a delicious apple and cinnamon Lavolio, our award winning hazelnut and dark chocolate, or one of our refreshing coffee beans with aniseed.

    Cup of Coffee with sugar and sweet alternative breakfast energy boost tasty alternative to start day with luxury confectionery
  2. One cup of spontaneity: Lavinia tries to find ways to make her days less “robotic”. Most of our days are based on: commuting, sitting at our desk, work, sleep… but that can be really monotonous Well, it is not something we can massively change, but it can be improved with some imagination and creativity. Ride a bike to go to the office and watch carefully as the seasons change your surroundings, leave the “working-through-lunch” excuse aside and go to the park, walk around a place you’ve never seen before, think that you’re a photographer for a day and make a photoshoot on your break! These are some of the things Lavinia does to spice things up a little, besides, you can always eat a sandwich at your desk later!

    Beautiful vintage camera pictures colorful sweets with pastel decoration confectionery elegant
  3. Two tsp of Indulgence: Why would you wait for the weekend to have your “cheat day”? Every day is special and you can find an excuse to treat yourself, a well done on crossing out another item on your to do list, a new creative idea, or a nice collaborative talk with your colleagues: be always on the lookout for a cause of celebration! Don’t turn your back on what you enjoy, if you fancy a sweet, go for it! As Lavinia says: “Dai a ogni giornata la possibilità di essere la più bella della tua vita.”, so, tickle your taste buds, why not delight yourself with our delicious mouth-watering Italian confectionery? Perhaps you can try our chocolatey Nutty Forest Italian Confectionery or our aromatic Arabian Nights Lavolio to transform your day with one special moment of indulgence.

Embrace the small changes, open yourself to trying different things and viva la vita!