Best Dark Chocolate Gifts Ideas

How about surprising your loved ones with dark chocolate gifts?

That’s right, instead of flowers, gift them a delicious box of dark chocolates. I bet every gift recipient will love it. And it’s not just your date who deserves this delicious gift: your mother, father, and friends will love it too. And you don’t need an occasion. Giving someone a dark chocolate gift is always a good idea. I guarantee that the hardest thing about it will be to choose only one box. Read on!

Dark Chocolate Gifting: A Tasty Idea

Choose Lavolio’s Noir Selection for a delicious gift in a sophisticated package, with content that will please anyone. After all, who doesn’t love chocolate? Here the idea of ​​”joining the useful with the pleasant” fits well. Because our dark chocolate treats come in a beautiful metal box. Plastic-free and completely reusable. So your gift recipient will be able to enjoy the sweet assortment and then use the box again.

This gift of dark chocolate can even be considered a tradition. Let them know you’re thinking of them with this gesture of affection and love. Furthermore, it is also perfect if you want to surprise someone. Also, it is a gift for all tastes: Noir Selection contains almonds, cherries, hazelnut brittle, ginger pieces. That’s why we think this is a great gift experience. This beautiful tin of handmade confectionery would make anyone happy.

Dark Chocolate Luxury Gifts london

What Is The Best Occasion To Treat Yourself To Dark Chocolate?

You don’t really need an occasion! It doesn’t even have to be any specific date to give someone a gift. But I’m highlighting below some dates to mark on your calendar, and that go well as a good gift option.

Dark Chocolate For Mother’s Day Gift

Just take a peek when Mother’s Day is approaching. Many chocolate shops and specialised stores show you the best options for giving gifts to the mother figure in your life. There is bespoke options, beautiful boxes, decorative products, heart-shaped dark chocolates, decorated truffles, all inspired by maternal love. Moms who are dark chocolate lovers are sure to be delighted by the numerous options available.

Dark Chocolate For Christmas Gift

After all, not everyone likes the traditional Christmas sweets, like Panettone. So it’s a good option to gift dark chocolates to people as a Christmas gifts, especially in our beautiful Lavolio tins.

Dark Chocolate For Valentine’s Day Gift

Here are some very good reasons to present your date with a dark chocolate gift.

  • It’s already lovely to eat by yourself, but extra special to share with someone you love. Hard to resist.
  • There beautiful blue William Morris tin pleases both men and women, no matter the age.
  • As a dark chocolate gift under £20, you can also buy something else with it. How about the classic flowers and dark chocolate combination? Your partner will love it.
  • Dark chocolate never goes out of style, and who doesn’t like receiving chocolates?
Birthdays gift, Anniversary, Housewarming dark chocolate gifts

Meeting a friend for their birthday? Know someone who has an anniversary coming up, or has just moved houses? Choose Noir Selection and leave us a note at checkout to make sure your parcel come with a personalised note for every occasion.

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