Do Italian Chocolates Really Taste Different?

Italian chocolates versus other countries’ chocolates. Is there really a difference?

To me, there is a huge difference, and not only because I love eating Italian chocolates, as some might imply. I will explain here why there is such a huge difference between Italian chocolates and other chocolates. Hopefully, this will be proof to you as well. 

Using higher quality cacao beans

Most countries import cacao beans to make cacao and chocolates. These cacao beans can be really expensive and therefore they are purchasing the lower quality beans. This is to save on money. Of course, when they are making the chocolate from lower quality beans, you get lower quality chocolate.

Italy does also import cacao beans from cacao-rich countries. However, Italians definitely prefer higher quality beans. Even if that comes with spending more money on the beans. But the results are high-quality chocolate and speak for themselves.

Century-old recipes are still being used today

These days, people are trying to make things in cheaper ways. Manufacturers take recipes and change them to make mass production cheaper and faster. Of course, it makes sense: ingredients are getting more expensive and demand is growing. But changing the recipes and the manufacturing methods means that the taste will not be the same as 5 or 10 years ago. Making chocolate differently causes the taste to be different. Not the same creamy taste as before.

Artisan Italian Chocolates

But this isn’t the case with Italy. Many small, family-run producers still use their century-old recipes for making quality chocolate. Recipes passed on from generation to generation. And they don’t change anything about the recipes just so that it can be cheaper to make, and cheaper to purchase. This is why their chocolates are still the best. My Lavolio Italian chocolates only use my personal recipes. They are also produced in Italy through traditional methods. 

Why are Italian chocolates the number 1 exported chocolate in the world?

Did you know that Italian chocolate is the number 1 exported chocolate in the world? Most people might think that this is Swiss chocolate that is getting the most exports, but this isn’t the truth.

Italian chocolates are better than any other chocolate in the world. People are purchasing it online, ordering it from Italy and looking for it in chocolate shops. If Italian chocolates didn’t taste this great, why would they be the number one exported chocolates in the world, surpassing Swiss chocolates? They taste a lot better. 

Now I have explained my reasons for believing that Italian chocolates are the best in the world. And why they taste better. Of course, you can find Italian chocolates in London by coming to my sweets shop in Parsons Green, Fulham -or ordering online from my website. Not just the traditional chocolatey and nutty Nutty Forest, but also aromatic Arabian Nights with ginger pieces and Coffee Chocolate Decadent Spiced. The best of Made in Italy. Take my advice. You should order your Italian chocolates today and find out for yourself why they are the top sweet treat in the world.