Famous Italian Confectionery And Its Sweet Flavours

Italy has been famous for its desserts throughout the whole history. Gelato, Cannoli, Panettone, Sfogliatelle, and Tiramisu are just some of Italy’s most famous desserts. What I wanted to do is to create a variation of famous Italian confectionery and sweet flavours, with better quality and great flavours. And I think I did it. 

Continue reading if you want to find out something completely extraordinary in the world of confectionery.

Famous Italian desserts and my variations

Different people have different needs. Also, when it comes to confectionery, I understand how different people also have different tastes. Therefore, my mission was to create a world of chocolate for everyone who is ready to explore amazing sweets and gifts for foodies.

When it comes to my handmade Italian confectionery, I know how people who like sweets (and who doesn’t?) can be separated into five groups. Of course, this is just a story which inspires me to create something for everyone’s needs.

So, the first group of confectionery lovers is definitely the one consisted of people who like tradition and the classics. For them, I created Nutty Mini Eggs, which are the most similar to traditional Italian confetti. Also my collection of Italian torrone, handmade from the finest nuts and honey. What can be better than eating sweets without feeling guilty because they are so healthy? Literally, nothing is better than that.

The second group I have for confectionery lovers are those who love exotic flavours. To you, I can highly recommend my Coconut Follies Maxi collection, which reminds me of a sunny Italian beach.

Famous Italian Confectionery

The third group of sweet lovers are people who like something extraordinary and adventurous. If you like Turkish Delights and flavours like rose, violet, lemon, and ginger, try Arabian Nights Maxi.  If you love confectionery with coffee flavours, chilli chocolate or anything that goes perfectly with your coffee break, Decadent Spiced is the one for you.

The fourth group consists of people who like fruity confectionery: nothing better than William Morris Fruity Garden.

And the fifth? Those people like everything that is sweet and delicious. Once you try my handmade Italian products, I believe how you will be in the fifth group. Also, as you can see, finding perfect gifts for foodies is easy with me.

Are famous Italian desserts a great option for surprising someone?

The answer to this question is very simple. Yes, they are. My Lavolios, like Nutty Forest and William Morris, are definitely a luxury gift you can get for anyone you love and care about. If you are searching for high-quality chocolates made from Artisan candy makers, here you will find flavours you are looking for. 

For example, William Morris Fondant Lovelies is the newest extraordinary sweets from Lavolio. If you want to discover magic, you can count on different 16 uniquely shaped soft sugar fondant pieces that will amaze everyone -including you.

My mission is always to make everyone happy. I like when people enjoy precious moments of life and fill them with joy. Therefore, I created some famous Italian confectionery to suit everyone. You can find gluten-free confectionery, dairy free, or vegetarian sweets here too. We all deserve to take a break from our stressful lives and enjoy handmade Italian sweets, don’t we?

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