Your Guide To Lindt Chocolate

At Lavolio we love Lindt chocolate!

Lindt chocolate is one of the great chocolate brands on the market nowadays. There are so many chocolate brands out there that sometimes it’s hard to choose. However, some of them stand out among people’s favourites, and one of the fantastic brands is Lindt chocolate. In this context, we will discuss the excellent LINDT brand Chocolate.

The LINDT brand chocolate mostly features:

  • 45% cocoa milk chocolate
  • 55% cocoa milk chocolate
  • 65% cocoa milk chocolate
About Lindt Chocolate

Everyone knows the Lindt chocolate balls, with their beautiful foil wrappings. The chocolate is delicious and very creamy and luxurious. It melts in the mouth and is so, so smooth. One of the many reasons why adults and kids alike love it.

This LINDT product is excellent, which makes it very hard for all of us to consume it in moderation. The price level remains reasonable even when you buy chocolate online.

As with all their ranges, the assorted chocolates are packed in a rectangular, slightly cylindrical cardboard box. On the front of the packaging, we find the writings in gold, white, and blue. Their presentation is sober and refined, representing the excellent Lindt range and ideology. All the positive points accentuate the feeling of buying an exceptional product.

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Company History

For the historical part, Lindt has been producing chocolate since the 19th century. This Swiss company is famous all over the world, and its products are sold in many countries. Lindt chocolates are synonymous with quality and flavour for most consumers.

Lindt Ingredients: cocoa mass, cocoa powder, cocoa butter, and cane sugar.

The Lindt chocolate balls are beautifully shiny, perfectly round. The smell and texture are sublime. On the palate, the flavour of the cocoa is powerfully aromatic.

Inside the cardboard packaging, there are tasting tips and there are curves of the evolution of flavours.

From Bottom to Top: the first flashing black curve shows the fruity note. The second reflects acidity. Then, the third intermittent red curve reflects the astringency. The fourth of the same colour and intermittent is the bitter note; and finally, the fifth red curve describes the typical aromatic note of cocoa. To the left of the graph, an arrow indicates the intensity, and the highest corresponds to the aromatic note of the cocoa.

According to Lindt, the taste is robust and aromatic cocoa, with a flowery touch, a powdery note, a slight taste of nuts, and above all, a balance between acidity and bitterness.

They also produce chocolate bars. These express all the richness and strength of cocoa beans. To allow all flavours to be appreciated, the company provides their readers with the intense cocoa index, starting with 70% and then continuing up to 85%. The company recommends accompanying this 99% chocolate with a coffee to truly appreciate the bouquet of cocoa aroma.

The flavor is very intense, very bitter, and the favourite choice of many chocolate lovers. The Chocolate sticks to the palate, making it a favourite among kids and other people who prefer this type of gourmet chocolate box.

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