Happy Birthday To Us!

Happy birthday lavolio confectionery london sweets boutique

Well time sure does fly when you’re having fun! Two years ago Lavolio opened the doors to the confectionery world and it has been the sweetest of rides so far.

From starting off as simply an idea inspired from Lavinia’s passion for all things sweets, Lavolio has gone on to shake up the confectionery industry with it’s deliciously indulgent sweets.

Lavinia Davolio Lavolio Portrait birthday london artisan boutique confectionery sweet chocolate gift

This post is simply to say thank you to the fantastic and talented group of people that made Lavolio happen. With your amazing love and support we are proud to say that we now stock in over 40 stores across the UK and abroad and we sold our 10,000th tin in less than 15 months! We cannot wait to see what the future holds so lets continue to break the boundaries of confectionery, and welcome many more people to the Lavolio experience!


Thank you!