Italian Desserts. What Dish To Try

Do you really think that pizza and pasta are the only things that you should try when you are in Italy? Then, I have a big surprise for you. There are so many Italian desserts that you should try when you are in Italy.

Desserts that are known to Italy, and that you only can find in Italy. And you will want to go back for more. Even those of you who don’t really have a sweet tooth will surely be enjoying a dessert or pastry in Italy. This is the top desserts and pastries that you should try next time you are visiting Italy.


Yes, you might have eaten tiramisu in your home country before. Or, you even might have made your own at home. But, one thing that you need to remember is that this dessert tastes completely different in Italy. They have some secrets that you don’t know about.

If you love coffee and cacao, then this is the first dessert that you should try. There are different varieties of tiramisu these days, but personally, the original tiramisu is the best one you will ever taste.

Italian desserts


This is a popular frozen dessert. No, it isn’t normal chocolate ice cream. You might be familiar with gelato, but this is gelato with a difference. This is a gelato dessert originating from Pizzo, Calabria. It is usually composed of two or more flavours of ice cream, often with either fruit syrup or frozen fruit — typically raspberry, strawberry, or cherry — in the centre. Making it a great gelato-chocolate treat that you will eat again and again.

The one thing that you need to remember is that there aren’t many people that know exactly how to make Tartufo. So, you need to make sure that you are eating it at a top Italian restaurant.

Panna Cotta

Another dessert that you can find in other countries as well. However, in other countries, they don’t make the Pannacotta the traditional Italian way. And, for sure it will not taste the same.

With high-quality ingredients and the right spices for the top of the pannacotta, you will have a creamy, sweet treat. A wobbly Italian dessert that is rich and creamy and that is coming in a variety of different toppings and taste.


Cassata is a dessert that isn’t that popular, and there are many people who never have tried it before. This is a green dessert that includes a cake, or small cakes with toppings and fresh fruit.

Different restaurants can prepare them differently. However, no matter which one you are going to eat, this is a green treat that you have to try to believe how great its taste can be.

You can try traditional desserts in Italy. Even if you aren’t really a person with a sweet tooth. It doesn’t matter if you are eating the tiramisu, the Tartufo or even the cassata. The one thing that you need to know, is that you should try at least one of these Italian desserts when you are visiting Italy. Don’t even try eating it at a restaurant in another country, that isn’t an Italian restaurant. You will end up being disappointing. Only real Italians know how to prepare these desserts.