Italian Inspired Corporate Gifts

Various gifts have varying origins, and that is what makes gifts unique and special. Italy has always been a country of beauty, fun, and excellent quality. This wonderful country has its Italian inspired corporate gifts, wedding gifts, family gifts, lovers’ gifts, and other types of gifts.  

We are going to focus on their corporate gifts in the article. Italian inspired corporate gifts are best given to clients, employees, or any business associate. If you want to thank your employees for working hard this year, or a client for collaborating with you, here are some Italian corporate gift ideas for you.

Gastronomic Products

Gastronomic products are the spearhead of the Italian economy and represent an important element in each Italian’s life. Regardless of the region your client or business associate is from, a gastronomic product will always be welcomed. From pasta, cold meat cuts to sweets, from salty to sweet and sour, there are products for all palates.

Pasta (of all kinds), salami, mortadella, cheese without a doubt, taralli, and many other gastronomic products are recommended. People have been gifting gastronomic products as Italian corporate gifts in recent decades, and that tradition doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon.

Italian Chocolates

Perhaps Italy is not as famous as Switzerland for its chocolates, but it should be! Not for nothing, brands like Perugina, Ferrero rocher and Nutella are famous across the world. There are also many small-brand artisan chocolates at a good price and of very good flavour. The best period is during winter and Christmas, but you can find them all year round in general. From the famous “baci perugina”, the famous “nutella” and of course, Lavolio Confectionery among others, there are many chocolates corporate gifts that are inspired by Italy. Have you tried gifting them? You should check them out.

Italian Food Gifts

Italian Wine

Another great idea for Italian inspired corporate gifts is wine. Italy has a great tradition of renowned and very good wines. Giving a bottle of wine is one of the most appreciated gifts by wine lovers. The brand? It depends on the region in which they are located. The important thing is that it says DOC, DOP, IGP, or is from a local wine cellar.

The DOC and DOP marks indicate Controlled Designation of Origin or Protected Designation of Origin; they indicate local quality products in both cases. We recommend a good “spumante” (or sparkling wine) during Christmas time.

Made in Italy Products

Italy is a country of craftsmanship and production excellence in general. Many Italian brands are internationally famous for the quality of their products. If you want high-quality ornaments for your home or to give as gifts, do not forget the typical handmade ceramics of many Italian regions, such as the Amalfi Coast, in Sicily, among others. Not forgetting the famous Murano glass, where fantasy is the limit, from lamps, plates, jewellery, all in Murano glass.

Final Words

Gifting is one of the many ways to show appreciation or even kickstart a business relationship. Our Italian corporate gifts mentioned above can equally serve as Christmas gifts. Giving any of these to your clients, employees, or business stakeholders would be highly appreciated by your recipient.  

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