Nine giant caramelised chestnuts of only Italian provenance.

The chestnuts are hand-picked at the beginning of autumn in the Montemarano National Park, southern Italy; an area which is renowned for its high quality, unique fruits.  They are celebrated for their dense, sweet, white flesh and their fragrant aroma. Deliciously buttery, moist and melt-in-the-mouth, the chestnuts are glazed to perfection and beautifully wrapped in gold foil to preserve their freshness.

As with all Lavolio products, the Marrons Glacés are made using traditional methods and delicate craftsmanship.  What is more, they offer a satisfying, dairy-free and natural alternative to fudge and chocolate which make them an ideal gift for vegans and vegetarians.


The collection includes nine giant caramelised chestnuts from Montemarano. A dairy-free and natural alternative to fudge, buttery and sweet melt-in-your-mouth chestnuts, beautifully wrapped in a gold foil to preserve all of their freshness. This traditional and delicious confection is the perfect after-dinner treat and will keep you coming back for more!

…Sometime in the 16th century, the very first marroni canditi to touch human lips were made in Italy, and news of this delectable new delicacy soon spread across Europe. They were then exported further afield and became popular among the great, the good and the royal…

Every purchase of the limited edition Lavolio Italian Confectionery tin supports the William Morris Gallery’s exhibitions, events and educational projects. For more information please visit www.wmgallery.org.uk


INGREDIENTS: Chestnuts, sugar, glucose syrup, natural Bourbon vanilla flavouring.


Additional information

Weight 230 g
Dimensions 21 x 21 x 5 cm


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