The Grocer’s TNT 2015

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The Grocer has selected 34 “Top New Talents” 2015 in the FMCG Industry – thank you for selecting Lavolio Boutique Confectionery!

“This is a tremendous group of talent and I am sure their careers will continue to develop” said Andy Clarke, Asda CEO, at the Award ceremony held in London.

“Innovative and beautiful” is a perfect combination for a premium product. And it’s how one happy retailer describes Lavolio Boutique Confectionery. But it’s not just retailers falling over themselves to praise Davolio’s tiny confectionery creations. “Imagine Smarties given a Sophia Loren makeover,” said Xanthe Clay from Food & Travel Magazine. BBC Good Food magazine were similarly effusive in their praise, describing the “candied Italian-style beads” as “deliciously fragrant and spicy”. And Davolio’s TNT nomination described how her “dedication to quality” is the driving force behind a “wholly innovative type of confectionery” that uses the “best ingredients such as fruits, nuts, chocolate and spices inside a thin sugar shell produced using artisan methods”, which are presented in “beautiful designer boxes to make a delightful gift”.

The Grocer – 14 November 2015