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Authentic Italian Food Items You Need To Have In A Gift Basket

You are making a personalised gift basket for a friend or family member. And, it is an Italian-themed basket. But, what do you add to the basket that will be an authentic Italian food item to make the basket an Italian gift basket? How to choose the most items for your basket that the person receiving it would love to have?

If this is a problem you might have, or if you find you don’t have any ideas about what items to add to the basket to make it an Italian basket, with this list of true Italian items, you will make a gift basket that will be the best gift basket you will ever give. Being Italian, it is easier for me to advise you on some unique gift items.

A bottle of authentic Italian wine

For sure, you can’t create a gift basket for an adult without adding some authentic Italian wine. Italian wine is easy to find. Even if you aren’t visiting Italy. These are some of the wines that you can consider purchasing for the gift basket.

  • Barbaresco
  • Amarone
  • Dolcetto d’Alba
  • Valpolicella Blends
Some Italian chocolates

You can’t have a gift basket without adding some Italian chocolates to it. Italian chocolates are very popular and even more delicious. It doesn’t really matter if this is homemade chocolates or the chocolates from a popular and international brand.

The chocolates of Italy just taste different than any other chocolate in the world. So, if you want to make your gift basket special, you should add some Italian chocolates to it. These are some of the chocolates that you can add to the gift basket.

  • Lavolio Nutty Forest (nutty and chocolatey)
  • Fruit Garden (real pieces of candied fruits!)
  • Lavolio Arabian Nights (Inspired by Turkish Delights)
  • Decadent Spiced (for coffee and chocolate lovers)
    Authentic Italian Food
    Other Italian food items you can add to the gift basket

    Everything considered, you will see that there are so many things that you can add to an Italian gift basket. You can make your own personalized gift basket without any problems. You should just think about what the person likes, and what would make a gift basket special for him or her.

    Maybe an Italian recipe book, homemade pasta or even a variety of cheeses if the recipient loves cheese. Or, you can consider different Italian sweets, if they have a sweet tooth. Maybe a variety of things. A little bit of everything. Cheese, a packet of pasta, a recipe book, some wine, and some Italian chocolate. And, then you can purchase something like a piece of clothing from an Italian designer. Don’t forget the basket itself. This can also be unique and Italian-like.

    When you are making a personalized Italian gift basket, you want to make sure to add something in the basket that the person would love. Better still, if that something is also truly Italian. With this guide, you will have enough ideas to make the best Italian basket that your loved one will enjoy. It will also make them feel special because they will see that you have put in a lot of thought when purchasing these authentic Italian food items.