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Valentine's Day

We love love itself so much that we created a day to celebrate it.


The roots of this holiday date back to the ancient Roman tradition of Lupercali.

These pagan celebrations continued to be very popular even after Constantine proclaimed Christianity as the official religion of the Roman Empire. Subsequently, the Lupercalia were absorbed into the Christian tradition, transforming them into the day dedicated to Saint Valentine, the rebel saint who celebrated illegal marriages under the Roman emperor Claudius II. For these transgressions by him the man was sentenced to death on February 14 and today all those in love with him remember him on this very date.

How is Valentine’s Day celebrated around the world?

Traditions and ways of celebrating vary greatly from country to country - here is our guide to the most original and interesting ways to celebrate Valentine's Day from around the world

UK - Love is in the air

In the UK, couples take this holiday very seriously and become particularly romantic. They exchange flowers, chocolates and jewellery. In the evening, one typically goes out to eat for dinner or organizes a romantic candlelight dinner at home. In any case, on these occasions it is said: “Love is in the air”.

United States of America - A very profitable holiday

Every year Americans spend $18 billion on candy, cards, chocolates, flowers and jewelry. Cards are the most common gift, but not just for loving couples. Family, friends and classmates exchange postcards with dedications of friendship, affection and gratitude. The most consumed sweets in America on Valentine's Day are not chocolates, but heart-shaped candies with romantic messages such as "Be Mine" or "Kiss Me".

Finland - Love & Friendship

For anyone traveling alone, Finland is the right place. You won't have to worry about feeling left out of the festivities as this country is more about partying with friends. The day itself is called "Friend's Day" in the local language and not Valentine's Day. The official flower is the rose, but gifts, notes or sweets are fine too.

Japan and South Korea - Pamper and cuddles for men

In this part of the world it is men who receive gifts and are pampered on Valentine's Day, in fact, women buy chocolates for their partner, family and work colleagues as a sign of affection and gratitude. However, don't worry if you're a woman because the favor is returned exactly one month later. On March 14, known as "White Day", men do the same by giving away cakes, sweets and bouquets of flowers.

Peru - Orchids for everyone

Thanks to the carnival celebrations taking place all over the country, most of the people of Peru are on vacation during February 14th, which means that they have some extra time on their hands to think about how to surprise their partner. Instead of exchanging roses, many opt for orchids, a flower that grows in this country. On the occasion of the most romantic day of the year, mass weddings are also organized to satisfy all the couples who want to exchange vows during this special day.

Brazil - Let’s celebrate love in June

Brazilians skip the February 14 celebrations and instead of celebrating Valentine's Day, they remember San Antonio, the patron saint of marriage, on June 12th.


And you? How will you celebrate Valentine's Day this year?