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Sugared Almonds Wedding Favours - Where Do They Come From and Why Do We Gift Them  

Besides being a sweet and indulgent treat, although fairly healthy, sugared almonds have a good story to tell as wedding favours.

Covered with chocolate, colourful sugar shells and packed in sachets or tins, discover why sugared almond wedding favours are the right choice.

Having a gift for all the people who attended your wedding is a beautiful way to express your gratitude and love for sharing this unique moment with you.

But when it comes to choosing what to give each of the guests, there are many options, and deciding is not easy. Today we want to tell you about the tradition behind sugared almonds wedding favours. One of the most frequent wedding gifts.

Where Do Sugared Almonds Come From?

It is impossible to talk about the sugared almond wedding favours and make them part of the wedding gift and decoration without mentioning the Greeks. Legends identify them as a symbol of youthful force and eternal love.

It is said that Demophon fell madly in love with Phyllis (or Fílide), princess of Thrace, and proposed to her. But, before the ceremony, his father died, and he had to return to Athens. Swearing to the princess eternal love and promising to return to marry. After three months without Demophon coming back, Phyllis convinced herself that he would not and took her own life.

The gods moved by this act of true love turned her lifeless body into an almond tree. When finally Demophon returned, he was able to caress the bark of his beloved. He offered a sacrifice to the almond tree in the name of his love. The princess inside the tree responded by blooming suddenly without giving time for the leaves to sprout.

Gourmet sugared almonds
Why Do We Gift Them?

It was common in the European courts to offer wedding gifts to guests. A sweet touch as thanks for the blessings they offered to the new couple. In Italy especially, candied almonds were used as a symbol of the "taste" of life as a couple, sometimes somewhat dry and bitter, but always enveloped in sweetness.

Both Greek mythology and the beautiful Italian analogy have built the wedding tradition that continues to this day. Giving sugared almonds is still a sign of gratitude for the family and friends.

For the Catholic Church, the almond tree also has great symbolic power. The name of the almond tree comes from a Hebrew word meaning "the one who awakens.” Because it is a tree that blooms in winter, it seems to be taking care of others until the arrival of spring. In several passages of the Bible, the tree is compared to the constant presence of God.

The Number and the Colors

If you want to be faithful to wedding traditions, the sugared almond wedding favours for each of the guests must contain five almonds representing each of the couple's wishes: love, health, happiness, fertility, and long life together.

They can be covered with white sugar as a sign of pure and transparent love between the couple. Still, if you prefer a touch of modernity, you can opt for almonds with toppings in cheerful colours and replace the sachets with reusable tins. Check out our bespoke Lavolios for more ideas.