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The most famous Italian Candy: how is a Ferrero Rocher made?

Is Ferrero Rocher the best Italian chocolate and hazelnut treat

Ferrero is an Italian manufacturer of branded chocolate and confectionery products, and the second biggest chocolate producer and confectionery company in the world. It is famously known for its Ferrero Rocher's which are named after a grotto in the Roman Catholic Shrine of Lourdes. Not many people know that they are Italian. 

The Golden Experience of Ferrero Rocher

Ferrero Rocher is a brand well known to all chocolate lovers. This famous Italian chocolate comes in a variety of sizes, with the most popular being the 16 pieces called ‘The Golden Experience’ in a classic 200g gift box which we all come across at least once over the festive season. 

Not just your everyday chocolates

The candy is sold worldwide and holds a strong cultural presence, in part due to its association with Christmas and its previous popular adverts. I almost refer to it as a premium, gourmet chocolate, as it is not one that many people have on a regular basis.

What steps are involved in coating the hazelnut at the centre of the praline 

Each Ferrero Rocher is created according to their recipe. They are made by taking a whole hazelnut, dipping it in a smooth and velvety ganache filling, coating it in solid milk chocolate and sprinkling it in hazelnut pieces before the newly formed chocolate ball is wrapped in its prominent gold foil, to give what I like to call, an indulgent experience. 

As hazelnut is the signature ingredient of Ferrero Rocher, it is interesting to know that the Italian Confectionery Company is the largest consumer of hazelnuts in the world. Out of the total supply of hazelnuts about 25% of them is being consumed by Ferrero. Moreover, they use the same nut to make their world-famous Nutella chocolate spread.

What is Ferrero Rocher's distribution globally like

Roughly 4.8 billion Ferrero Rocher's are produced each year and are sold in over 42 countries. These include 28 countries in Europe including the UK, eight countries in Asia, five countries in Africa including South Africa, nine countries in the Americas including Canada, and two countries in Oceania including Australia. 

Who invented the process to produce the most famous Italian chocolate balls 

Michele Ferrero was an Italian businessman, he built on his successful products to eventually become one of the richest self-made Italian entrepreneurs. He owned the chocolate manufacturer Ferrero, which he developed from the small bakery and café of his father in the city of Alba, Piedmont. Born from a long history of Italian pastry expertise, when Ferrero Rocher was created, they had one purpose in mind. This was perfection.  Only the finest ingredients are selected and only the most premium hazelnuts get roasted which has been the case since Ferrero Rocher launched in 1983. 

Is Ferrero Rocher made by machines or handmade

Ferrero's most famous sweet is produced by machinery, which is very common nowadays. This is why I love Lavolio as each sweet is handcrafted by artisans in Italy made in an entirely traditional way, making each individual product unique. The likes of my Fondant Lovelies are crafted using antique moulds and then hand finished to ensure each is subtly different to any other. It takes 21 hours to make each of my Fondant Lovelies to Lavolio’s secret recipe, something that a machine would not be able to do.