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What Is The Best Hot Chocolate?

Finding the best hot chocolate is not easy!

It's not just a Christmas treat, though they often go hand in hand. The truth is that sometimes you just need a cup of delicious cocoa. It's like a hug in a mug! It always makes me feel relaxed and comfortable.

Of course, you could also do the most common thing and melt a special chocolate bar to drink by the cup. It is possible - and easy - to make your own hot chocolate at home. Sometimes you can dilute the melted chocolate with milk, or even just water. However, nowadays you can find ready mixes in any supermarkets, and they only need to be heated.

Although chocolate has a reputation for being an unhealthy food, the truth is that cocoa has beneficial effects on cardiovascular health. The flavonoids it contains help control cholesterol levels and lower blood pressure. Therefore, the main problem with chocolates in general and hot chocolate, in particular, is the amount of sugar that is added, which is usually high. The healthiest chocolate is the one that contains more cocoa and less sugar which ultimately will also make thebest hot chocolate. Here are a few of the brands we think have some of the best hot chocolate.

Italian Chocolates Online
Ram's Chocolate a la Taza

Thanks to its preparation, the texture is ideal for making desserts and mixing it with fruits and ice cream, for confectionery in the preparation of cakes, homemade cakes, puddings, and for breakfasts and snacks. In any case, due to its extraordinary flavour and texture, drinking Ram Chocolate a la Taza is always a real pleasure.

Seven Hills Wholefoods Organic Raw Cocoa Powder By Seven Hills Wholefoods

Seven Hills Wholefoods sells a great quality cocoa powder. They keep the raw cocoa powder below 42 °C from finely ground raw organic Creole cocoa beans from South America. Besides making an amazing beverage, it is also a wonderful baking ingredient. The look of the packet may vary, but the content remains the same. 100% pure and organic, with no artificial colours or preservatives. Organic certified by the Soil Association of the United Kingdom. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Customers highly value Seven Hills Wholefoods. It is one of thebest hot chocolate.

Pure Cocoa Powder By Chocolates Valor

This Spanish brand will delight any hot chocolate lover with its ranges. From powders to bars, to hot chocolate ready to heat, their selection includes different cocoa percentages. Indulge with their classic or extra dark hot chocolates.

Galaxy Instant Hot Chocolate By Galaxy

Everyone instantly recognises Galaxy's signature hot chocolate tub. The perfect package for your home, office, business, or special event. Super easy to use to make great hot chocolate, it has an even richer flavor with skimmed or whole milk. It is also free of artificial colours and preservatives. The original was made and sold in the UK and made with the real Galaxy Chocolate milk.

Body Genius Raw Cacao Pure Cocoa Powder By Xocolating 1994

It is sugar-free and made in Spain; it is 100% natural cocoa without sugar, high antioxidant content, protein and healthy fats. Ideal for athletes.