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Why Is Italian Artisan Chocolate The Best In The World?

You might have heard that Italian artisan chocolate is the best chocolate in the world. And this is the truth.

From the very first time you taste it, you'll understand that there isn’t any other chocolate that comes close to real Italian chocolate. You need to remember that I am not talking about boring, supermarket-standard chocolate which is branded as Italian, but rather about authentic, handmade chocolate made in Italy by artisans.

The question now is how is Italian chocolate so good? Is it just because Italians know how to make chocolate, or is it because they understand food better than us? These reasons certainly have to do with it, but the truth is much more complex. And I'll try to explain it below.

Italians' love for pastries and desserts

I mean, when one thinks about Italian food, the first thing that comes to mind, besides pasta and pizza, is desserts! I'm talking tiramisu, panettone, pandoro, cannoli, gelato... Italians love their desserts and pastries, and this love leads to perfect execution. If there is one thing that Italians know, is how to make excellent desserts.

Isn't that often the reason for perfection? If you love something, you normally give it your best. You make it and enjoy every minute of the process, and you take a lot of pride in it. And,  it's the same when it comes to pastries and chocolates in Italy. Because they love them so much, they ensure that they're always excellent. 

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Centuries of chocolate-making experience and old recipes

Chocolate was introduced for the first time in Spain in the 1700s and, 100 years later, it had become extremely popular across Europe. It is exactly then, in the 1800s, that the first Italian chocolatiers open in Modica. To this day, many Italian artisan chocolate shops produce chocolate using the original recipes from the 19th century. Where they still believe in quality over quantity. Where they believe that the proof is in the taste.

Even in my own kitchen, as I'm sure in many other Italians' kitchens across the globe, families pass down chocolate desserts recipes from generation to generation. And this is why Italian chocolate is still the best: it's an excellent flavour deeply rooted in tradition.

High-quality cocoa and ingredients

Italian chocolatiers always make sure to obtain the best possible quality cocoa. I don't need to tell you that the use of high-quality and natural ingredients greatly affects the flavour, and that goes for chocolate as much as any other preparation. Another element that makes Italian chocolate so delicious is that any other ingredient or addition to the chocolate (such as the dairy used, nuts, fruits, spices etc.) are produced locally, as close to the original provenance as possible.

In conclusion...

Italian chocolate is definitely the perfect edible gift for any of your foodie friends. And if you were not convinced of this before, I hope this blog post has made you a believer! Because of their love for the craft, their century-old experience in chocolate-making and the high quality of their ingredients, Italians know how to deliver great-tasting chocolate. The perfect gift for any occasion.