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Italian Festivities For The Best Italian Holiday Sweets

One of the things that I love about living in Italy, is the Italian holidays. And the fact that we are always celebrating with food, traditions, and family. These are the three most important things for us, and during the holidays we make sure that we are having a great time with family and friends. These are our top Italian holidays each year, where you can find the best Italian holiday sweets and other traditional foods to enjoy.

New Year in Italy

Prosecco isn’t the only treat that we use to celebrate the New Year. There are many other foods and sweets that we are also enjoying on this day. Normally, there are leftovers from New Year’s Eve, that you can reheat and enjoy. However, there are still some other traditions that you need to know about, in order to enjoy a true New Year in Italy.

There are some foods that are known to bring good luck. And Italians are preparing these meals on New Year’s Day to get a good year. Some of these foods are:

  •        Risotto in Bianco
  •        Any dishes with lentils and raisins
  •        Jars of dates and figs in honey
  •        Any chocolate treats like Lavolio Fruit garden
    Italian Holiday Sweets
    Easter Sunday and Monday

    Easter weekend or week in Italy is also a really important holiday. There are also many desserts and Italian holiday sweets that we are enjoying on this day. That is, besides all the chocolate Easter eggs that you can find during this time.

    However, treats and sweets aren’t the only traditions that we are enjoying on Easter. Especially, on Easter Sunday and Monday. These are some of the treats and traditional food that we eat during Easter, and for sure they are recommended for you to try.

    •        Rice cakes are popular in Italy during every religious holiday. There is a basic recipe where you can enjoy the traditional rice cake that your grandmother makes.
    •        Pan di Ramerino, also known as "Easter bread". These breads can be sweet or savoury. They are both equally tasty and are always served on the Easter dinner table.
    •        Colomba, "The dove", the most famous Italian sweets for Easter, a panettone-like brioche with almonds, dried fruits.
    •        Chocolate Easter eggs, with a secret in the middle. It is also tradition to give the Lavolio Nutty forest when you are invited to a friend’s home for Easter dinner.
    Christmas Day

    Christmas Day is the one time of the year where anything goes. The more treats and traditional food there are on the table, the better. Chocolate desserts, meat and fish, and different traditional vegetables are served. You will know that you are at an Italian Christmas dinner when you are seeing:

    •        Zuppa Inglese
    •        Gingerbread Pizzelle
    •        Panettone and Pandoro
    •        Seasonal Biscotti
    •        Marrons Glaces

    I love the Italian holidays. This is because we have different traditions and foods that we enjoy only during different holidays. There are so many great treats to choose from. And, having family time while enjoying a traditional meal with each holiday is what we are living for. If you are invited to an Italian holiday meal, you can take a box of homemade Lavolio treats with you, to give a gift to the hostess.