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Best Italian Movies of the 21st Century

Italian movies are recognised as some of the best across the world.

Since the beginning of the 20th century, Italy has stood out as one of the main film-producing countries. From there, world-renowned filmmakers emerged, such as Federico Fellini, Sergio Leone, Vittorio de Sica, and Roberto Rossellini. Although the country suffered an inevitable decline in film production after the 1980s, Italians continue to create prestigious films. To help viewers who appreciate Italian cinema with thebest Italian movies, here is a list of ten great options from the 21st century.

Lazzaro Felice (2018), Alice Rohrwacher

Inspired by the biblical story, the film features Lazzaro, a very kind and innocent boy. Despite being exploited by family members, he was satisfied with the simple life of the countryside. However, after a tragedy, Lazzaro wakes up in the 21st century. The course of his story changes, and he begins a journey to find his family and live like he used to.

In Her Own Skin: The Stefani Cucchi Case (2018), Alessio Cremonini

The film chronicles the drama of Stefano Cucchi, a young Italian surveyor who was arrested by the police in 2009, accused of illegal drug possession. The week he spent in prison changed Stefano and his family's fate forever. Within days, he lost a lot of weight and was beaten. Investigations into the case revealed a dark side of the Italian judicial system. This gripping documentary is surely among one of thebest Italian movies.

Forgive Our Debts (2018), Antonio Morabito

Guido is a computer technician who loses his job after the company declares bankruptcy. He tries to work in other areas but has no luck and is soon fired. Without being able to pay his debts, he is beaten by his creditors. So, to redeem himself, Guido offers to work with Franco, a loan shark. But he realises that he is going against his moral principles and regrets the choice he made.

Caffè Sospeso (2017), Fulvio Iannucci And Roly Santos

Through the tradition of "suspended coffee," this documentary tells the story of different people worldwide who have an effective relationship with coffee. The tradition, which originated in Naples, Italy, consists of buying a coffee and leaving another one paid for someone who does not have the financial means to afford one. The "suspended coffee" is a gesture of kindness and charity.

Slam: Tutto Per Una Ragazza (2017), Andrea Molaioli

Samuele is a 16-year-old Italian teenager who dreams of finishing his studies and pursuing a career as a skater in the United States, following in the footsteps of his great idol, Tony Hawk. But, his plans end up frustrated when he learns that Alice, his girlfriend, is pregnant. Immature, Samuele doesn't know how to handle the news. The film is based on the book "Slam," written by Nick Hornby.

France: Chaos And Creation (2016), Francesco Carrozzini

The documentary portrays the life and career of Franca Sozzani, editor-in-chief of "Vogue" Italy, for over 25 years. Franca took office in the late 1980s and started a fashion revolution. Avoiding the conventional aesthetics of the time, she blended style, conceptual art, and photography to create some of the most iconic covers of fashion magazines. Franca died in 2016. The work is directed by his son, Francesco Carrozzini. This is one ofbest Italian movies. 

Best Italian movies
Honour And Loyalty (2016), Alessandro Pepe

During World War II, Herschel is an elite soldier in the German army. After an accident, Soviet troops abandon him and he wanders through the woods until he meets another soldier, Dietwolf, who tells him how Hitler has exterminated Jews. Dietwolf fears for the life of his wife, Eleanor, who is Jewish. When Herschel returns to Germany, he sees police killing Eleanor. After that episode, he wonders if the war is worth it. 

Suburra (2015), Stefano Sollima

Known as the Samurai, a gangster wants to transform the edge of a small town near Rome into a new Las Vegas filled with casinos. A corrupt drug addict and a powerful cardinal are helping the criminal. Mafia bosses also agree with the project, but local gangs are beginning to fight for power, disrupting Samurai's plans.

Welcome Mr. President (2013), Riccardo Milani

The president of Italy is forced to resign. Party leaders vote for Giuseppe Garibaldi, a historical figure, to take office. But since there is a man in the country with the same name, the law requires him to accept the office and become president. This man is a simple librarian who becomes adored by Italians, infuriating the country's corrupt politicians.

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