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Best Italian Restaurants In London

Now that restaurants are opening up again, I thought it'd be the perfect chance to share what I think are some of the best Italian restaurants in London.

Whether you live in the English capital or you're planning a holiday here once travelling is allowed, here is a compilation of the best Italian restaurants in London that you can enjoy. Read on and find the best Italian cuisine available in the city. Just as good as you'd find in the Belpaese itself.


Padella ("Frying pan" in Italian) is a really popular Italian restaurant in London, located in the famous Borough Market, specialising in handmade pasta. You can taste up to eight different types of very fresh pasta made by hand with a great view of the kitchen itself. These kinds of pasta are garnished with high-quality sauces and ragouts. The drink selection is also wonderful, their decoration is functional and simple, in the purest traditional Italian style.

Italian restaurants London
Locanda Ottoemezzo

Second, Locanda Ottoemezzo ("eight and a half inn") is another one of the best Italian restaurants in London.  Located in the famous Kensington neighbourhood.  It stands out thanks to its classy location, its interior decor, but above all the star is its kitchen. From the outside, it does not look like a restaurant, as it is spectacular and decorated with photos, posters, etc., of Italian cinema, with a special tribute to Fellini.

Inside, you can find a youthful and chic atmosphere, and you can enjoy everything from quality Italian cuisine to seasonal dishes, accompanied by a good wine list. It is exciting to try renewed Italian dishes.

Bocca Di Lupo

This restaurant is a popular and traditional Italian restaurant, and its name means "Wolf's mouth". This is a high-quality Italian establishment in London.

If you opt for this place, it will seem that you have left the bustle of London for a while and have moved to the Italian coast to enjoy delicious food and a magical atmosphere. Don't forget to have a look at their dessert menu as well!

Demartino Restaurant

Likewise, it will also be exciting if you are in London and enjoy delicious Italian cuisine to visit Demartino Restaurant. They serve all kinds of Italian food from all its regions. You can also enjoy the daily specials and many pasta dishes or fresh fish and meat mains.

As one of the best Italian restaurants in London, this restaurant has a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Its walls are adorned with photos of famous guests.

Trattoria Raffaele

Just by pronouncing its name, you already know that it is one of the best Italian restaurants in London and that you will enjoy an excellent meal in the purest traditional Italian style. Another one with a spectacular atmosphere,where you'll feel right at home. In the Trattoria Raffaele, you can taste local and fresh fish, quality handmade pizza, daily specials, and of course delicious pasta. Eating here will make you forget that you are in London and will take you to different areas of the Italian territory.


Oliveto, located in one of the most remarkable streets of Belgravia, specialises in Sardinian cuisine in general. However, it stands out for its pizzas, reputed to be the best in the city of London. A small, long space with wooden furniture, Oliveto is normally full from Monday to Sunday for both lunch and dinner. With a medium-high price for the quality offered, it attracts groups of friends and families alike.