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Vegan Chocolate Brands You Should Try

Are you vegan or have a dietary restriction? There are so many vegan chocolate brands out there for you to try.

Or do you just prefer vegan chocolate? Chocolates are one of those foods that are hard to resist. There are a thousand different types of chocolates: white, milk, dried fruit, nuts, and dark. Chocolates are a real pleasure for the human senses. But what about vegan people? Can they eat chocolate? If yes, what are the best vegan chocolate brands for them? We will explain in this content.

Choosing Veganism

Choosing veganism is much more than a way of eating. It is a philosophy of life in which all kinds of products in which animals have been used are avoided: clothes, shoes, purses, soaps, makeup, and much more. When we talk about veganism, the keyword is empathy. Because, after all, humans are also animals, and it's about becoming aware of certain practices in which animals are cruelly used and mistreated.

Around the world, more and more people are joining this lifestyle. And it is not a coincidence. The Economist, the prestigious website, stated in its platform that 2019 was the year in which veganism ceased to be a minority lifestyle.

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What Chocolate Can Vegans Eat?

Chocolate is a food of plant origin mainly composed of cocoa, to which milk and sugar are usually added in different proportions. If you are vegan or follow a raw diet and do not want to give up this pleasure, these are the most suitable chocolates for you.

Without a doubt, dark chocolate is the best option for vegans.

Dark Chocolate: this is the purest form of chocolate (highest cocoa content) and suitable for vegans since it does not contain milk, eggs, dairy, or dairy butter. Still, it is recommended that you always check the labels to make sure it is 100% vegan.

  • Dark chocolate with nuts: the perfect duo.
  • Carob: A vegan and healthier alternative to chocolate is the carob, with many health benefits, among which its power to combat fatigue and the protection of the cardiovascular system stand out. It is also suitable for celiacs as it does not contain gluten.

If you miss out on pure chocolate with a strong flavor, you have to try the best vegan chocolate brands that we list below. Why? Besides being delicious, it does not contain dairy and is naturally sweetened with coconut, lucuma, and vanilla.

The Best Vegan Chocolate Brands You Should Try
  • Trader Joe's Pound Plus 72% Dark Chocolate
  • Green & Black's Mint Chocolate Bar
  • Hu Kitchen Hazelnut Butter Dark Chocolate
  • Lily's 70% Dark Chocolate Sea Salt
  • Justin's Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups
  • Raaka Coconut Milk Dark Chocolate
Chocolate Benefits

Industrial chocolate has many preservatives and sugars, fats, and other additives that make it not the healthiest treat. On the contrary, vegan chocolate box preserves every property of cocoa, among which many nutritional benefits stand out:

  • Antioxidant
  • Natural antidepressant
  • Relaxing
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Stimulating
  • Produce endorphins

It is clear that chocolate sweetens our lives, makes us forget our problems for a moment, producing a feeling of optimism and pleasure, and the thing is, take vegan chocolate UK a little a day, it doesn't hurt anyone, right?