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Decadent Spiced: Italian Coffee Meets Chocolates And Spices In The Perfect Gift Idea

“Coffee, spice, and everything nice”.This is how I like to describe my Decadent Spiced Signature Collection, my most grown-up collection and my personal favourite.

Every time I have a box I feel like I have entered a magical place. Daring to pair nuts and fruits with the finest spices, prepare to be surprised and enraptured. Inside each sophisticated box contains six mouth-watering flavours:

  • Almond Caffé -a shiny little white egg- as you bite through the delicate spun-sugar shell, you will find creamy white chocolate with robust coffee enveloping a crisp toasted almond. Put this one to your ear  and you will hear it squeak “eat me, eat me!” It’s well worth the gamble.
  • Spiky Almond -unsurprisingly, the spiky one- their outer shell is made with honey and unrefined sugar laced with cinnamon to give it that extra crunch; it encases a beautiful textured almond from Puglia. With their pale, spiky appearance, they look a little bit like Billy Idol…
  • Pistachio & Chilli Sorpresa (Surprise in Italian!) -they look like little red beans- the unmistakable,mouth-filling taste of Italian pistachio gives way to a cheeky touch of chilli lingering on the tip of the tongue. Bring a little spark to your life by experimenting with one of these red hot sweets; they will be sure to give you a fiery kick!
  • Coffee Digestif, a miniature espresso-coloured sphere, is a rich, crunchy coffee bean with a refreshing exotic twist, courtesy of a hint of aniseed. Be daring and give it a try; treat yourself to one whilst your other half loads the dishwasher after dinner.
  • Apple & Cinnamon, yellow globes with a red blush, contain a sweet jellied apple piece, enveloped in creamy milk chocolate with a warming touch of cinnamon, inspired by the flavours of South Tyrol, in the northernmost part of Italy. Julie Andrews once recorded a song about this one, but sadly no copies  of this lost classic survive.
  • Orange Zest Zafferano, last but absolutely not least, is a small saffron-yellow gem. Zesty candied orange peel is lovingly enveloped by a mellow saffron coating. Owning a box of these precious gems should get you on the Sunday Times Rich List.

    This collection is inspired by the Indo-Roman trade routes, when the Roman Empire used to trade culture and produce with the Indian subcontinent, passing through Asia Minor and the Middle East.

    Decadent Spiced incorporates beautifully delicate sweet shells and indulgent chocolate with the finest spices: cinnamon, chilli and saffron. What better way to pair these amazing flavours than with a taste of Italy? With its beautiful pistachios, almonds and coffee, this collection is truly my most surprising and innovative.

    This irresistible artisan-made confectionery will bring your taste buds to life. It is said that Decadent Spiced contains the most ‘adult’ flavours out of the five Lavolio Collections, making it the ideal dinner party gift to share amongst close friends at the end of the evening. The elegant tin is a perfect representation of the innovative flavours you will discover inside, a luxury gift to yourself or a loved one.

    As with all our Lavolio Collections, our sweets are used with only natural ingredients with no artificial colourants. What’s even better is that they are all gluten free.  Pour yourself just one more glass of wine and watch the empire crumble as you shamelessly indulge in this collection of decadent confectionery.