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Employee Appreciation Week

Employee Appreciation Week starts the first Friday of March every year.

Every day, especially now during the COVID pandemic, we witness how hard employees are working, both on site and from their homes. Teamwork is hugely appreciated because when we all join forces, we accomplish much greater things.

Employee appreciation week is a week for most companies and businesses to show gratitude to their employees for their efforts and sacrifices. After all, employees are the ones who ensure that businesses are operating excellently, providing the services we all need.

However, what are the best gifts for employees? We have done the hard work for you. below are some gifts for staff ideas:

Corporate Chocolates

Who does not love chocolates? Whatever time, day or recurrence it is, there is always a place for a chocolate gift. Because chocolate is correlated with people's happiness. You can get chocolate luxury chocolate boxes and personalise them. You can use photographs or phrases, or even your company branding. These employee appreciation week gifts will make any worker happy.

If your employees have been working extra hard, why not turn the chocolate box into a gift hamper? You can add snacks for them to enjoy during a zoom call, non-alcoholic drinks to enjoy while working, or alcoholic beverages to toast with after a long day of remote working.

A Coffee Mug

Are you tired of those styrofoam cups which are so flimsy and make your drink taste like plastic? Gift your employees a mug instead. They can be personalised, with your company logo or a fun quote to lift their mood. Who doesn't enjoy a laugh with their morning drink? This will definitely lift your employees' mood, and help them start the day on a positive note.

If you prefer coffee, a dose of caffeine can never be missing to wake you up and thus activate the laziest neurons. Either before coming to work or when you have been stubborn for a few hours in your work. Your body needs it and knows that it is time to go for a drink.

The same thing happens to your employees, and this is one of the best employee appreciation week gifts to show your staffs that you care for them.

Bespoke Corporate Gifts
Pencil Holder and Calendars

When you enjoy what you do, time flies. So, stationery makes for great gifts for employee appreciation week. By choosing these, they can keep their home desks organised, and easily remember when the company's important events are held and the birthdays of each co-worker - so they don't shy away from bringing cakes!

Corporate Branded Clothing And Footwear

Jackets, sweatshirts, T-shirts, slippers as comfortable as wearing pyjamas, ideal for working from home. Convenience and comfort are elements that increase worker productivity. Buy gifts for employees so that the organisational climate flows between colleagues; they will feel connected with each other and with the company, and proud to belong to it. An inexpensive gifts for staff in the form of clothing items will make the memory last in time.

A Mouse Pad

When your mouse does not slide well on the table and prevents you from advancing in your tasks, it isn't very pleasant. Buy mouse pads as employee appreciation week gifts; the mats are an essential office supply. With a simple detail like this, you will brighten the morning of your workers, and make working from home a breeze.