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What Is the Most Famous Italian Chocolate?

Italian food is known and enjoyed all over the world, but what about famous Italian chocolate?

Italy is famous for many things. Art, culture, architecture. The warmth of the people and the beauty of the landscape. But, food is one of the most famous things. There are many excellent chocolate brands in our beloved country. But, what is the most famous Italian chocolate?

Famous Italian chocolate Brands

As mentioned above, Italy is home to many chocolate brands. This especially made it hard to pick out the brand that stands out as the most famous outside of Italy. We searched through many offline shops and online shops selling chocolate in Italy, websites and blogs, to try to gather the answer. Also, we took into great consideration user reviews to help us. The conclusion? Perugina Chocolate is one of the most famous Italian chocolate outside of Italy.

About Perugina Chocolate

A smooth filling of milk chocolate and chopped hazelnuts, a perfectly roasted hazelnut on top, and an exquisite dark chocolate coating. Moreover, inside their packaging, a note with a romantic message. This is the detail that has given them the reputation of being the 'chocolates of love'.

They are the Baci Perugina, one of the most famous chocolates outside Italy. They are an icon in the world history of chocolate, renowned worldwide because of its fantastic taste.

Did you know 'Baci' means kisses in Italian? Thus, these delicate chocolates have seduced Italian gourmets since their creation in 1922, thanks to Luisa Spagnoli, the wife of one of the four founders of Perugina. They were looking for a way to use the hazelnuts leftover from the process of other products.

Then, it was at the beginning of the 1930s when Federico Seneca - Perugina's creative director - came up with the brilliant idea of ​​introducing a love message to each chocolate through a paper note that would wrap the succulent sweet.

Thus, the pleasure of tasting chocolate goes together with sweet memories and thoughts of affection, warmth, and love. This is how the Bacio (kiss) of Perugina became a true messenger of the most powerful feeling in the world. 

Famous Italian chocolate
How to Enjoy Baci Perugina Chocolate

Well, winter is still here, and it is the time of fantastic chocolate for chocolate lovers to enjoy. Make yourself a hot coffee, and accompany it with a sensational Perugina chocolate. Then, take only a small bite and closing your eyes. Enjoy all the beautiful flavours. This is the perfect way of tasting and appreciating Baci Perugina.

Final Words

Real Italian chocolate—Perugina chocolate is a result of the decade-long passion for rich and high-quality chocolate. Bewitching packaging, intense colour, velvety flavour, unique consistency and density are the key elements of this Italian chocolate.

Inspired by an Italian tradition's unique recipe, taste Baci Perugina to invite a new wave of sensation and appreciating chocolate.

This chocolate is one of the most famous Italian chocolate by our research. We do hope you try it out if you haven't done that yet.