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Filming in London Luxury Italian Chocolate

It was wonderful for Lavolio Confectionery to be selected as Amazon UK’s Storefront of the Week.
Have you watched our film on the Storefronts landing page ?

I am delighted with the results, and I have received some wonderful feedback and support from so many of you as well. One of my favourite clients shared this with me:"Fantastic video on Amazon Storefront, quirky, humorous, absolutely endearing and beautifully filmed."
Thank you so much to all of you who have shared your kind words.

Being filmed by a professional crew is an incredible experience, one which I never thought would happen to me or my small local chocolate business based in Fulham.First of all, 90 seconds of film took about ten hours of filming…

The crew arrived at 9 in the morning. We had the directors, runners, make-up and hair stylist, sound and lighting technicians, cameramen, project managers...and the Lavolio team. I never thought so many people could fit into my boutique chocolate shop in Parsons Green!

They brought snacks and drinks, for it was going to be a very long day. But, of course, they were not as good as our handmade Italian sweets! They loved Nutty Mini Eggs and Fruit Garden, whilst Nutty Forest was really the star collection of the film. I am also eating Nutty Forest in the film, all for the sake of cinema, of course…

There were so many different aspects of the business that we wanted to cover, starting with the idea behind Lavolio, making a box of chocolates more exciting.I wanted to share my story with you, from losing myjob in banking when the financial crisis happened, to deciding that I was going to pursue my passion for food, which I always had since growing up in Italy.  I wanted to also show you a little of my background, my big Italian family and my beautiful grandmothers, who taught me how to cook the Italian way.We had the opportunity to show you the Lavolio range, from our sugar-coated sweets to our soft nougats to our sugar creams Fondant Lovelies, and the dexterity it takes to perfectly gift-wrap a box of Lavolios, which I repeatedly demonstrated in front of the crew for them to capture to perfection!


We love the part where we show you how we pack our Lavolio treats (even though in the film it looks magical and so easy! - in reality we carefully pack by hand and we have to follow our stringent food safety policies).
Above all, we wanted the film to reflect the amazing feeling of Lavolio, and all the work, care and passion that go into every single box.And though we love that we can get unlimited Lavolio sweets, the best feeling is when you, our customer, are happy and love Lavolio as much as we do. It all started with an idea and we are very thankful for your choice to shop small, through Amazon and our Lavolio website, and to give our independent business a chance.

Everyone we met was wonderful, and the day was long and intense but run smoothly and was extremely satisfying. We could not be more grateful for the opportunity.

Watch the wonderful film here.