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Foodie Guide To Abruzzo

Abruzzo is one of the regions in Italy that most tourists should be visiting. Right at the heart of Italy, this is a foodie guide to Abruzzo's culture-rich and centuries-old culinary tradition.

If you want to visit one of the most beautiful regions in Italy, then Abruzzo is the place to be. It is known that this region is away from the larger cities and people there lead a lot more relaxed and calmer life.

When you are visiting Abruzzo, you might want to get a foodie guide to know what you can expect to find in this part of Italy. Preparing you for the food that you should try.

Meat and fish that you can find in Abruzzo

In Abruzzo, the one type of meat that you will surely find is lamb. This is a very prosperous sheep-farming region in Italy, and this is why lamb is so popular here. There, it's also where you would find lamb at its cheapest. Of course, this means you can find and enjoy a variety of lamb dishes. They know how to prepare lamb at its best. A typical and delicious example is 'arrosticini', skewers of lamb chunks cooker over braziers. A traditional Italian delicacy. 

On the coastal side of Abruzzo, fish and seafood are quite popular. There is a huge variety of fish and seafood dishes that you can try there. This is their speciality, and you will never taste seafood that will be as delicious as in Abruzzo. A must-try for tourists.

You will find many dishes with chillies on

Chillies. They love their chillies and you will find most dishes with chillies as an ingredient. You need to make sure that your dish doesn’t have chillies in if you don’t like hot and spicy food.

Chillies are grown everywhere in Abruzzo. This is the reason why most dishes have chillies as an ingredient. Some dishes are served with mild chillies, while others are really hot and spicy food. Typical examples are a dish of raw calamari from Pesaro, spicy dried and salted cod with potatoes, and traditional chickpea fritters.  

Foodie Guide to Abruzzo
The number one spice to find

Besides chillies, there is one spice that you can find everywhere. And its use in cooking is widespread across the whole region. This is one of the reasons why their dishes taste differently than in other parts of Italy.

The spice that we are talking about is saffron. You will be surprised about the difference that saffron can make to a meal. Even some desserts have saffron as an ingredient. Most tourists are purchasing a huge amount of saffron to take back home.

Foodie Guide to Abruzzo's pasta dishes 

We have to mention two of the most famous pasta dishes, not only within the culinary tradition of Abruzzo but across Italy: 'spaghetti alla chitarra' and 'spaghetti all'amatriciana'. 'Spaghetti alla chitarra' are a kind of egg pasta handmade with a tool called 'guitar' in Italian, hence the name. Their shape and texture is quite rough, which means they can perfectly absorb any sauce. 'Spaghetti all'amatriciana' hail from the town of Amatrice. A delicious pasta dish which calls for pecorino, guanciale and tomato.

Last but not least: desserts and confetti

Confetti, the sugar-coated almonds, are the sweet symbol of this region. Particularly from the town of Sulmona. Sulmona's handmade Italian sweets are one of the most exported food product of Abruzzo, and they are beloved worldwide. Just like your Lavolio handmade confectionery.

With this foodie guide to Abruzzo, you will know what kind of food you can expect. And, you can know for sure that the food you are enjoying there will be full of surprises. This is the one place in Italy where you will find the best-tasting lamb, highest-quality saffron and traditional Italian sugar-coated almonds.