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Foodie Guide To Piedmont

Piedmont is one of the most popular regions in Italy. One of the regions that is getting the most tourist visitors each year. This is the complete foodie guide of Piedmont.

Discover what you can expect to eat and drink there. Are their food options different from all the other regions in Italy? Is this a great place to go for those that are looking for some of the best Italian dishes? 

Rice and rice dishes

When you drive in Piedmont, you will see lots of rice paddy fields. Where farmers are growing rice. Therefore, you will find that rice is quite popular in Piedmont.The green wetlands of where the rice is growing are beautiful to see, and something that you can’t see in just any part of Italy.

There is a huge selection of rice dishes and even rice desserts that you can order when you are eating in a restaurant in Piedmont. And, these restaurants' prices are a lot cheaper for their rice-based dishes than restaurants in other parts of Italy. Typical rice main dishes you can find include Risotto al Barolo, a type of risotto made with red wine, and Panissa, a risotto made with beans, vegetables and pork. 


Beef is perhaps the most common meat that you will get in Piedmont. They know how to prepare different beef meals, and they know how to ensure that the beef is juicy and tender.  This is the region where cattle are grown on farms, and this is also why the milk is cheaper in Piedmont than in other parts of Italy.

If you are looking for a nice beef meal, that will melt in your mouth, then you will not regret coming to this region. And, with friendly people, you will have a great time.

Italian Food Gifts
Gianduia chocolates

One of the most common reasons why tourists are visiting Piedmont. For the Gianduia chocolates. You might be familiar with these chocolates because this is a chocolate that is exported to many different countries. This is more than just another ordinary chocolate. This is a chocolate and hazelnut paste. Our Lavolio Nutty Forest and Nutty Mini Eggs contain a delicious Italian gianduia flavour. 

Piedmont is famous for its high-quality hazelnuts, which you find inside our Lavolio Italian sweets and chocolates. They are protected and certified and taste amazing.

However, when you are in Piedmont, you will not pay as much for these chocolates as what you would be, in other parts of Italy, or even in another country or online. This is because, in Piedmont, these Italian chocolates are found everywhere. If you are not in Piedmont, find them here in London at Lavolio Boutique Confectionery. Parsons Green shop and online. 

Wine options

If you don’t see rice farms, you will see wineries. Many beloved Italian wines come from Piedmont. Especially, wines like Barolo, Barbaresco, Moscato d'Asti and Barbera. This is the place where you should purchase some of your favourite Italian wine to take back home. These wines are cheaper here, especially if you purchase it in bulk.With the wine tasting options, you will be able to find a wine that you like. You really can’t drive through Piedmont, without going wine tasting.

Piedmont is different in many ways. They have rice lands, cattle farms and lots of vineyards. Supplying most of Italy with rice, beef, milk, hazelnuts and wine. Eating in the restaurants, you will get a meal that is tender, juicy and that will have a great price. Piedmont isn’t just different from the rest of Italy, but they also offer different food and wine.