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Foodie Guide To Puglia

Puglia, or Apulia, as it's sometimes known in English, is one of the most interesting regions in Italy that you definitely should visit. Especially when it comes to their food. They are offering food that is completely different from other Italian regions. A varied, colourful culinary tradition. This is our foodie guide to Puglia: find all the foodie secrets that you might want to know before visiting this part of Italy.

A surprising typical ingredient of Puglia: burned wheat 

'Grano Arso' isn’t actually wheat, but a type of flour used to make bread and pasta. Not many people are aware of it. And, you might be surprised when you realize exactly what this is. Grano arso, which literally translates as "burned wheat" is an ingredient born from poverty. This wheat that is harvested from burned fields. Chefs around Puglia are now using this flour to make the best-tasting bread and pasta. You will not even realize that it is actually burned wheat.

They have the best-tasting bread in the world

Yes, we know that Italy is famous for its different bread options, but there is a type of bread in Puglia that is different, and really the best tasting bread in the world. You can ask anyone who has visited Puglia before.

I'm talking about the Pane di Altamura. This is the only bread that has PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) status. You can be sure that if you are purchasing this bread, it will stay fresh for two weeks. And, it has a taste that no other bread has. There is actually no secret ingredient in the bread: it's the way it's baked which makes it so unique.  

Italy in Spring
This part of Italy produces lots of olive trees and olive products

If you love fresh olives and olive products, then this is a region in Italy that you would love. This is the one region in Italy that is producing and selling the most olive products. And, this is also the reason why this is the area where these products are the most affordable.

They are using all sorts of olive ingredients in their recipes, and this is one of the elements which makes their cuisines stand out from other regions'. Thanks to their wonderful climate, they are lucky to have an abundance of the one ingredient that is expensive in other parts of the world.

Variety of meat options when you are visiting Puglia

Most popular meat options in this region include lamb, goat and horse meat. I know that many of you will be wary of trying horse meat, but it is a very common dish in Italy, and very delicious; I would advise you try it, at least once. Puglia is also famous for its fish options, such as the traditional 'Polpo in Pignata', a scrumptious octopus dish cooked in a typical clay container. 

Puglia is an interesting region. And with this foodie guide to Puglia, I hope you'll think so too. They have different ingredients than other parts of Italy, and they are making some of the best food in the world. If you love bread, and love olives, then Puglia is the region that you should visit. Their food is different, but still really delicious.