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From Banker To Confectioner: How Sugar-Coated Italian Sweets And Chocolates Changed My Life

Do you enjoy a box of Turkish Delight? Then I think you will be delighted to try  my most fragrant and aromatic collection, Arabian Nights.

Lavolio has been inspired by these beloved Middle Eastern sweets’ flavours to create these Arabian delights, an exclusive confectionery collection a little more sophisticated and a lot more aromatic! Have you already tried the delicate traditional sugar-coat method from Italy,  filled with melt-in-the-mouth chocolate, floral rose, aromatic violet and zingy lemon with a hint of ginger? Inside this unique, keepsake flowery tin are six full and long-lasting flavours:

  • Almond & Ginger, shiny and white and egg-like, is a textured medley of almond and ginger with peppery after notes coated in a delicate shell. You are only allowed to take five of these outside the EU, otherwise you may exceed your scrumptiousness quota.
  • Violet Infuso, sweet domes with a touch of violet mist on the outside, are vibrant vegetarian jellied violet which melts in your mouth once you have penetrated the delicate spun-sugar shell. Do your taste buds deceive you, or have you just been magically transported to an Italian summer garden? Okay, your taste buds probably did deceive you -but it was wonderful while it lasted.
  • Almond Violetta, also shiny white eggs, are dangerously moreish. A sophisticated blend of Toritto almonds and aromatic violet-infused creamy white chocolate, perfect to accompany cocktails or coffee. Could you eat more than 103 of these little bundles of yumminess in one sitting? That is the current record (according to the Internet, so it must be true).
  • Pinolo (plural: Pinoli), look like small, candied pine nut. And that is because they are! Aromatic pine nuts wrapped in a wafer-thin sugar shell. So rare and exquisite that some people still believe they are spun at night time by fairies. (Fun fact: pine nuts are not actually nuts. They are seeds.)
  • Rosa in Fiore (Blooming Rose), dome-shaped with a rosy blush, is a moist rose-infused vegetarian jelly wrapped in a crisp sugar shell. Arguably the most romantic  of the Lavolio collection, so make sure you dim the lights and light a few candles to get the atmosphere just right.
  • Lemon Zest, irregular and mottled with yellow, is candied lemon zest inside our trademark shell.


I have always loved travelling, and find that food is a great way to experience other cultures; wherever I go, I make sure to taste something that I have never tried before, in particular sweets and desserts. A traditional dish’s ingredients with spices and herbs, vegetables and fruits, are my favourite way to experience  the culture, the flora and fauna of a foreign land. My Arabian Nights collection brings to London a little taste of the Middle East with an Italian twist. The beautifully soft textures of the chocolate and candied fruits are perfectly complemented by a little bit of crunch from the classic Italian almonds and dainty pine nuts. A surprise in every bite.

Every culture has a tradition of coming together and sharing a meal, and Arabian Nights is the perfect way to celebrate this coming together and trying something new. If you know of someone who is a big fan for Turkish Delights, or you are visiting a family member for tea or entertaining guests for a dinner party, the Arabian Nights Collection makes excellent gifts, keepsakes and collector’s items. You can also enjoy it all by yourself as a lovely pick-me-up in the afternoon: Arabian Nights wonderfully complements a hot cup of Moroccan tea.

Made from simple ingredients for sensational flavours, Arabian Nights is intriguing and unique, so much more than a box of Turkish Delights.