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Fruit Garden: The Best White Chocolate, Covered Nuts And Candied Fruits Italian Sweets

Fruit Garden is our most fruity and refreshing of our artisan-made collections yet.

Everyone knows that the tastiest, juiciest fruits are grown in the orchards of Italy. But not everyone knows about this collection of luxury artisan confectionery.We have picked the finest fruits from across Italy – apricots, lemons, amarena cherries and citrus fruits, and turned them into something special. We feel no remorse about imprisoning these fruits and almonds inside their sugar-spun shells.
This collection includes a refreshing assortment of almonds, white chocolate and real pieces of caramelised fruits. Each fruity box contains six quality flavours:

  • Cherry Romantico- the big red one - a luscious Mediterranean amarena cherry coated with a dark chocolate layer and then enveloped within a red sugar shell(my mouth is watering already!). Best shared between lovers, but also allowed among friends.
  • Lemon Zest- small and speckled with yellow - Caramelised lemon peel inside our signature shell. Imagine for a fanciful moment that you are a citrus fruit. You would probably want to be a lemon, and you would almost certainly want to be turned into one of these.
  • Citrus Candito-small, pale green pieces - An exquisite fusion of aromatic candied citrus fruits and white chocolate with a green shell. If you could eat mulled wine, it would taste something like this.
  • Cherry Almond- white & egg shaped - A crisp almond wrapped in smooth white chocolate with Amarena cherry. Italy on a plate. Not literally, obviously, that would just be silly.
  • Apricot- irregular in shape with distinctive orange dots - real pieces of apricot inside a mottled shell. Often mistaken for the highly prized eggs of the mythical firebird.
  • Lemon & Almond- white, shiny and egg shaped - A crunchy almond surrounded by creamy white chocolate infused with lemon oil. This one has just been knighted for its services to deliciousness. Also winner of the Great Taste Award!

    These fruits all bring me back to a fragrant Italian garden in Summer. Apricots and lemons are typical in the sunny regions of the South of Italy, where candied citrus fruits and zest have been used as main ingredients and flavouring in desserts for centuries.
    The Almonds are certified from Toritto, in Puglia, toasted to perfect crispness and enveloped by mellow, creamy white chocolate.

    The amarena cherries have long been adored both by Italians and foodies everywhere, because of their intense cherry flavour, slightly tart sweetness and versatility. They are grown in a very specific region in Northern Italy, between Modena and Bologna, and are immediately recognizable thanks to their deep dark red hue. Forget the boring and insipid Maraschino Cherries, these little beauties win every time! Not only are they extremely delicious, but also full of nutritional value, with high levels of antioxidants, vitamin c, potassium, magnesium and iron, as well as free of fat and sodium (if you are wondering, this is clearly referring to the fresh amarena cherry, not the ones preserved in that lovely luscious syrup...which is slightly less healthy but it is so delicious that it is absolutely worth it.)

    Next time you throw a dinner party and wish to impress, be sure to get yourself a Fruit Garden Collection. These zesty-flavoured sweets will capture your guests’ imagination in an instant. And if it’s not for a dinner party, it is perfect to give to someone special, adults and children alike. The stunning pastel-coloured tin can be reused again, making it the ideal gift that they will never forget.