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Gifts For Employees Working Remotely

There is no better way of showing your appreciation towards your employees working remotely than by giving them unusual employee gifts.

A little thought and care will go a long way in making your employees feel special. They'll have more zeal to work excellently and being more productive for you.              

Investing in gifts for employees is an excellent opportunity to ensure that your business's success continues. The holiday season is the perfect time to show people in with your company how important they are for your business.

Gifts For Employees Working Remotely

Here are some unique employee gifts ideas that you can brand with your company's logo or slogan. You can be sure that your remote employees will be equally excited to receive them.

Wireless Keyboard

One of the reasons employees prefer to work remotely is that they don't have to be chained to a desk. They have the option of going to the café on the corner and continuing to carry out their work with a mobile device. But if you have written more than three lines in a row on a screen, you know how uncomfortable it is. That is why a mini wireless keyboard is a very valuable and practicalemployees’ giftthat your remote employee can use to work more comfortably.


One of the risks of working at home, apart from the occasional power outage, is having a weak internet connection. If a boss wants to ensure as much connectivity as possible for the employee, investing in an advanced router is the best solution.

To download all kinds of content, make video calls without interruptions or upload documents at high speed, you need a powerful device that manages many connections without losing a megabyte. 

Your gift can be a model with multi-core processors that allows you to handle a high volume of data without flinching. Without a doubt, the employee will be more productive since he will not constantly interrupt his day to reset his router.

 Italian chocolate gift

A remote employee has the freedom to work from anywhere globally. However, all too often, they end up just staying in their homes and getting into a routine day after day.

To break that monotony and enjoy the independence that an online job offers, you can give them an XL world map as a reminder object. Placed in front of their writing, they will think about all the future trips they can take. If they work hard enough. 


Music can improve productivity, mood, and prevent us from getting tired of the most repetitive tasks. A good set of headphones is among the practical gift ideas for employees. They enhance concentration since we can isolate from the outside world and enjoy the positive effects of music.

Wine Bottle Holder

You can get a leather carrier that has space for two wine bottles. You can even add a corkscrew to make the gift complete. Emboss the leather carrier with your company's name and logo to customize it.

Edible Gifts

Another great idea is to get your employees working remotely a food hamper or some sort of edible gift. Everyone working from home would have spent a lot of time cooking and experimenting in the kitchen. So, it's a lovely thought to send them something special and unique as a gift. Especially if it's customisable. A Lavolio chocolate tin box is the perfect option. Or even a hamper with Italian confectionery and a bottle of Italian prosecco if they've been exceptionally productive!