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Nutty Forest: A Sweet Gift Of Gluten-Free Italian Chocolates And Nuts

What makes Lavolio Italian confectionery unique is the combination of flavours and textures inside the delightful sugar shell, making each bite a surprise. Truly, there is no better sweet gift than my Nutty Forest, gluten-free Italian chocolates and nuts. 

I am particularly proud of Nutty Forest: not only it looks beautiful, but it’s the delicious taste which inevitably wins the most praise from whomever savours it. This, my most popular collection is a favourite amongst people of all ages.
It’s the perfect alternative to a box of chocolate, adding an exquisite twist to a traditional flavour.

Why choose these gluten-free Italian chocolates and nuts?

Nutty Forest is very nutty!  This smooth and chocolatey mix of artisan-made confectionery contains pistachios, hazelnuts and almonds. And, they mingle with rich layers of three different types of chocolate. Dark chocolate, white chocolate and gianduia chocolate, Italian milk and hazelnut chocolate combination.

Each designer keepsake tin of Nutty Forest contains six splendid flavours:
  • Dark Chocolate & Hazelnut, globe-shaped, either green or pink, is a toasted certified Piedmont hazelnut encased within a sumptuous double layer of dark and white chocolate. Arguably the smoothest and most sophisticated of the collection, and winner of the Great Taste Award.
  • Almond Gianduia, a white globe, is milk chocolate and hazelnut -such a classic pairing- enveloping a crisp toasted almond, within in our trademark spun-sugar shell. Simply unbeatable.
  • Dark Chocolate & Almond, adorable pink and green eggs, are beautiful crunchy almonds, pepped up by a double layer of white and dark chocolate inside a delicately coloured sugar shell. Two or three of these and you’ll be ready to crush the dance floor.
And more chocolates...
  • Almond White Chocolate -white, shiny and egg-shaped- is like a little Italian dessert, with a smooth amaretto white chocolate layer cuddling a crunchy almond centre. Shame on you if you have never treated your taste buds to one of these.
  • Pistachio Vaniglia, the smallest of the collection, naturally bright yellow, are crisp, earthy pistachios combined with the warmth of natural vanilla. You could almost pretend these were magic beans and sell them to Jack in exchange for that cow you’ve always wanted.
  • Soft Pebbles -the clue is in the name- have special sugar shells, with their immediately recognizable mottled look inspired by the pebbly shores of eastern Italy. Inside, they are a melt-in-your-mouth marzipan crumble consisting mixed with cocoa and a hint of orange zest. Buy a few thousands of these and you could turn your living room into the tastiest private beach in the world.
    How are they made?

    All our sweets are slowly and carefully handmade in Italy using a traditional artisan technique. We put a lot of thought into choosing the right flavours for our sweets. Every batch takes up to five days to create: we start with the heart of the sweet, a whole nut. Then, we add the chocolate layers one at a time (the same technique to make sugared almonds).

    A thin sugar shell envelops each sweet. Moreover, we use real ingredients, absolutely nothing artificial… and as with all our Lavolio collections, our sweets are all gluten-free.

    More special, more delicious sweet gift!

    Don’t bother with the clichéd after-dinner chocolates. Do something a little more unique and exciting. Nutty Forest is perfect after an evening meal paired with a glass of wine; specifically, I enjoy it particularly with red wine. Let our finest almonds, hazelnuts and pistachios lead your dinner guests to a dark and chocolatey Italian forest. Thus, the flavours are so rich they’ll want you to stay forever. Moreover, you will be the star of every dinner party. This delicious medley makes for a great topic of conversation!Perhaps, you should probably buy two boxes.