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Grazie Di Cuore!

“I feel like I have the best job in the world: appreciation gives me a satisfaction I’ve never felt before.” These are the words of Lavolio’s founder, who started started this Italian confectionery business as a light-bulb moment in her kitchen, and now grows to become the most delicious handmade confectionary in the world! Producing artisanal sweet products that are made with premium natural ingredients and of course, our secret touch: lots of love! However, what would our business be without our customers’ happiness? We believe that your satisfaction is the key to make Lavolio stronger and better every day, so receiving words of appreciation and gratitude, empower us to continue making our special “little nuggets of joy.”

Turn on the Italian switch! -Accendi l’Italiano!

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Italians always find the chance to express their happiness and appreciation, you can hear the words:“Grazie”or “Bellissimo” when you walk through the streets of Italy. If you desire to let your inner Italian make a debut, we teach some of the most frequently used words to say “Thank you” and among them are:

  • Grazie (pronounced: /ˈgrat.tsje/)
  • Grazie mille -a thousand thank you
  • Grazie di cuore -thank you from my heart
If you receive one of our luxury confectionery gifts, you can exclaim:
  • Grazie. E' troppo bello! -Thank you. It’s very beautiful.
Or you can say
  • Grazie. Mi piace tanto – Thank you. I like it very much.
Now, if you are pleased with something, the best Italian ways to express your happiness are:
  • Bravo! (or Brava! if addressed to a lady)
  • Che delizia! -How delicious
  • Bellissimo! - super beautiful
  • Meraviglioso, strepitoso, favoloso - different ways of sayingfabulous
Are you feeling a little more Italian now? You could get started by using this useful Italian words yourself!Arriverderci!