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Halloween For Adults

Halloween is creeping up and the sight of children’s costumes for ghosts, witches and vampires might fill some of us with nostalgia. If you don’t quite feel like going out at night and asking sweets from your neighbours but still want to do something special, we can provide you with perfect companions for your alternative evening.


Our Decadent Spiced boasts autumn colours and flavours, such as the Apple & Cinnamon. Don’t let the outer sugar coat trick you - bite in and discover how they melt into sophisticated sweetness your mouth. This is spiced up with the fiery kick of the Pistachio & Chilli Sorpresa or the bittersweet touch of the Coffee Digestif and the Spiky Almond has a mature, satisfying crunch.

Our Arabian Nights has a more mystical fragrance, with Rosa in Fiore and Violet Infuso which are reminiscent of aromatic Turkish Delights and magical evenings. The Almond & Ginger will provide the exciting edge which will be perfect for warming up your bodies on evenings with decreasing temperatures.

Our Marrons Glacés can be a dairy-free and natural alternative to fudge. Delve in for buttery soft chestnuts which will go hand in hand with a cup of coffee and a Halloween movie! 


If a Halloween movie isn’t for you, our selection of Soft Nougats will turn your nightmares into dreams with their marshmallow softness and the perfect degree of sweetness which includes up to 50% nuts.


Treat yourself and your friends and have a lovely Halloween!