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Is There Any Healthy Italian Food?

Cheese, pastries, pizza, pasta, and chocolates. You can find these delicious and indulgent foods everywhere in Italy. And, if you are worried about your diet at the thought of these, then you might have a point. There are so many fatty foods available in Italy, that many people are asking if there is any healthy Italian food available. 

The answer is that you will be surprised about how healthy some of the Italian meals can be. And that you can enjoy a healthy plate of food, without worrying about the extra calories. These are just some of the healthy Italian food that you can enjoy when you are visiting Italy and are not in the mood for carb-heavy food, without sacrificing authenticity and flavour.

Huge variety of healthy food and vegetables available

We all know that Italy is all about pizza, pasta, bread, and pastries. However, did you know that they are also really all about tomatoes, artichokes, onions, and olives? All healthy, flavourful things you can enjoy.

The bread is normally full-grain bread, and the pastries have cream cheese instead of cream in. Making it healthier than what you might have thought. Italians are eating a lot healthier than you might think.

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Try more vegetable and vegetarian options

This is the main secret in eating healthy in Italy. To try the vegetable options instead of ordering a plate of pasta or a whole pizza. And, if you really want to order pasta or pizza, make sure that it has more vegetables on than anything else.

Italians love their vegetables, and they have many different ways of preparing their vegetables. Also, it is well-known that Italian fruits and veggies are extremely flavourful, more so than in some other countries. So, there is no reason why you can still enjoy your vegetables and have a great stay in Italy.

Huge variety of salads available for healthy eaters

Italy and salads actually go hand in hand. Every meal has a salad or two as a side dish. And, most of these salads are healthy and good for you. There might be something in that might not be as healthy, but this doesn’t mean that the rest of the salad will be unhealthy as well.

There are some really delicious salads that you can try that you won’t find in other countries. Most of these salads are healthy and delicious.

They use olive oil instead of vegetable oil

In any meal, you will find olive oil instead of vegetable oil. This is because olive oil is cheaper in Italy as in other countries, because of the quantity available. However, that does not mean sacrificing quality. In fact, olive oil in Italy is one of the most renowned oils in the world, and is extremely good for you, packing a ton of health benefits. 

You will be surprised by how healthy Italian meals can be. At first glance, you might think that the meal is unhealthy and not recommended at all. However, then you realize that they are using olive oil and other ingredients that ensure that locals are staying as healthy as possible for as long as possible. That's part of what makes the Mediterranean diet so sought-after.