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A Journey Through The History Of Italian Chocolates And Treats

If you like Italian chocolates just as much as I do, then you will be curious to find out about the history of Italian chocolates.

I find it very interesting to see when and where chocolates were invented. And when and how Italians started making the best chocolates in the world. This will give you a whole new perspective about chocolates, and how it started to become one of the most popular treats in the world.

Where did chocolate originate

Many people think that chocolates originated in Italy, but even though they have been making chocolate for centuries, this isn’t the truth.

Aztecs and Mayan cultures made the first chocolate. The cocoa bean was first discovered in 1492 in the Americas and then imported to Europe. Monks in the Spanish monasteries were appointed as the chocolate makers and were forced to keep chocolate recipes a secret. This lasted until the 1600s. It all changed when the Italian traveler Antonio Carletti discovered chocolate while visiting Spain. He returned to Italy and starts to experiment with making his own chocolate.

The history of Italian chocolates

So, Antonio Carletti was the first to introduce chocolate to Italy. After it was introduced to Italy, it spread fast, and most countries started producing chocolates. In the 1800s, chocolate and hazelnuts were put together to create hazelnut chocolates for the first time.

This happened because cocoa beans became harder to find, and more expensive as well. This led Italians to incorporate cocoa and hazelnuts to stretch the chocolate a bit. Hazelnuts were a lot easier to find in Italy than the cocoa beans. One of the first Italian candy companies, Caffarel, made some of the first cocoa-hazelnut confections in the shape of little hats called giandujotto, and it is still available to this day.

Italian Hazelnut Chocolates
The different types of popular Italian chocolates

With knowing the history behind Italian chocolates, you might want to know which Italian chocolates are the most popular in the world. Which imported Italian chocolates should you purchase? These are the most popular Italian chocolates that you can purchase almost in every country in the world.

  •        Cioccolato di Modica
  •        Baci Perugina
  •        Ferrero Rocher
  •        Lavolio homemade chocolates
When you want to purchase real Italian chocolates

If you really want to purchase real Italian chocolate, then you should visit Italy. This is the best way to ensure that you are going to get the best-tasting chocolates on the market. However, it isn’t always possible to go to Italy, just to purchase Italian chocolates.

The good news is that with the Lavolio homemade chocolates, you can purchase it online, from any country. Giving you a true Italian chocolate taste. My favorite one to order is the Lavolio Fruit Garden chocolates.

Where did chocolate come from? The bitter cocoa beans turned into a treat that the whole world enjoys. Italy might not be the first country to make chocolates, but they are the first country that introduced hazelnut with chocolates. Making gianduia, one of the best chocolate treats in the world. If you enjoy chocolates, then you should make sure that you try Italian chocolates.