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Indulge in Marron Glacés This Season

What are Marron Glacés? 

They are giant, caramelised chestnuts made using traditional Italian methods. Each chestnut is individually glazed to create a glossy, delicious treat. 

The Origins

The term derives from the frozen appearance that chestnuts acquire after they are wrapped in a sweet patina of sugar. The roots of this dessert are not yet known with certainty: some lean towards French origins, others towards Italian ones, since the 16th century this glazed fruit has been disputed between cousins from beyond the Alps and the Piedmontese.

The Italian faction confers the authorship of this delicacy to a cook of the Duke of Savoy, Carlo Emanuele. The French instead designate François Pierre La Varenne, of the seventeenth-century Nouvelle Cuisine movement, as the creator of the marron glacé, who included the recipe in his famous book “Le parfait Confiturier”. It is certain, however, that it is in France, that in the 19th century, the first laboratory of "industrial" production of candied chestnuts was born, which has allowed the tradition of Marrons Glacés to be perpetuated over the centuries, without completely losing the artisan characteristics.

The Chestnuts 

Marrons Glacés are made from large, plump chestnuts that have been grown in the hills of Italy. The chestnuts are carefully selected for their size and sweetness, ensuring that only the best make it into the final product. Once the chestnuts have been selected, they are caramelised in small batches to create the perfect balance of sweetness and flavour.

The Process 

The process of making Marrons Glacés is a true labour of love. 

The realisation lasts several days during which the fruit is immersed in syrups of increasing concentration. Processing is complicated by the risk of breaking the cake during the various steps.

First, the chestnuts are shelled by hand to preserve their delicate flavour. Next, they are cooked in sugar syrup until they achieve a deep amber colour. Finally, they are candied with lemon juice and left to cool overnight. This painstaking process results in a exceptional product that is unlike any other sweet treat on the market. 


Marron Glacés are the perfect gift for vegans and vegetarians. Do you want to know why?

- Dairy-Free and Natural

Marrons Glacés are dairy-free and made with all natural ingredients. 
This makes them a healthier alternative to fudge and chocolate. If you're looking for a sweet treat that is also good for you, look no further than Marron Glacés!

- Vegan and Vegetarian Friendly

As mentioned before, Marron Glacés are an ideal gift for vegans and vegetarians. 
They are made with all natural, vegan ingredients. So, if you have friends or family members who follow a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, you can rest assured that they will love these sweet treats!

- Handcrafted with Love

Each Marron Glacé is handcrafted with love. The chestnuts are individually glazed to create a glossy, delicious treat. When you give the gift of Marron Glacés, you're giving a gift that was made with care. That's something that everyone can appreciate.

This holiday season, indulge in Marrons Glacés.