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Interesting Info To Know About Italian Culture

If you are thinking about going to Italy for a holiday, then you might want to know everything there is to know about Italy. Especially the interesting info and facts about the culture and the country. These are some of the interesting info to know about Italian culture.

Many people might wonder why Italy is so popular and why there are so many tourists travelling to Italy yearly. This is a unique country with a culture that we all can learn from. Especially when it comes to family and being friendly.

Italian cuisine

If you are wondering what the top ingredients and top foods of Italian cuisine are, it is wine, cheese, pasta, olive oil, and chocolates. You will not find any Italian home without any of these five things.

This is what part of what makes Italy so special. The variety of delicious food items that are produced in the country. The wine, cheese, pasta, olive oil, and the chocolates are made in different parts of Italy. Some of these products are getting exported to other countries, all over the world. This is why Italy’s food is so delicious. They only use fresh, and local produce to make their food. And, they have a natural love for cooking which comes from a very deep, very old gastronomic tradition.  

The celebration of the Epiphany

Christmas is for most people the highlight of the year. Just like in many other countries, this is the time of the year for presents, food, friends and family. However, in Italy, there is a day that is similar to Christmas. It is called the celebration of the Epiphany.

This holiday is celebrated on January 6. According to the legend, la Befana, an old hag or witch-like figure, flies on her broomstick and delivers presents and goodies into the stockings of good children. Naughty children get charcoal -or sugar charcoal, which is quite hard to bite into but delicious and sweet when eaten slowly. 

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Italian culture and the importance of traditions

For Italians, family is everything. And, they celebrate everything together with their relatives, generally having quite large families. From birthdays and weddings to funerals. And, all the celebrations would normally include a meal or more likely a feast.

They believe in traditions. Especially older generations make sure that they carry on the same traditions their ancestors respected. This is why they are cooking the same way as their grandmothers, and why they are so family-oriented. Some people prefer to do things the same way but in a more modern way. While in some of the smaller towns, they are doing things the same as their ancestors.

These are the things to know when visiting Italy for the first time

When you are visiting Italy for the first time, there are a couple of things that you need to know. You need to respect their culture and their holidays. And, you need to make sure that you know what is expected from you when you are in the home of an Italian.

Italy is a great and special country. More than just a place where you can enjoy pasta, pizza, and chocolates. These are some of the interesting info to know about Italian culture and Italy that you might find helpful before your first visit to the country. In general, Italians are friendly towards tourists, and to make the most out of your first visit, try to immerse yourself in the culture and the traditions as much as you can!