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New Year In Italy: How Italians Celebrate Capodanno

Out with the old, in with the new. Hope, prosperity, health and happiness. This is what Capodanno, or the new year, means for so many of us.

Different countries celebrate the new year in different ways. Some are celebrating New Year’s Eve with a party that goes on until the new year has started. Some are just enjoying family, fun and good food.

How do Italians celebrate the new year? These are some new year celebration traditions that people in Italy are following. And, maybe you can try one this year. Even if you aren’t living in Italy. Their culture is fun and so different. Everything is always about family.

Wearing red underwear

If you've been to Italy before, just after Christmas, you would have probably heard of this. You would have seen shops advertising and stocking a lot of red underwear. No matter where you are looking, they are selling red underwear. For men, women, and children. The question is why?

Italians believe that wearing red underwear on New Year’s Eve brings good luck. And, even if you are not superstitious, Italians like doing this and always suggest that you too should be wearing red underwear. They believe that this is the colour of luck and everyone can enjoy a new year full of luck and fortune.

Out with the old, in with the new

A strange belief that isn’t celebrated in all parts of Italy. On new years eve, they are throwing out the old and bringing new into their homes. Especially with pots and pans. This is because Italians take food and making food so seriously, they believe that when you are using the same old pots during a new year, you are going to have bad luck.

Many are throwing out old clothing, pots, and pans, and any old and unwanted item they don’t want anymore.


There isn’t a city in Italy that won’t have fireworks on New Year’s Eve. You just need to find the place with the best view to enjoy the display. Fireworks are everywhere.

This is one thing about the Italians. They love their fireworks. The larger the fireworks, the better. And, in most cases, you can see the fireworks in big parks and open fields on New Year’s Eve. You can take your family, pack a picnic basket, and enjoy the fireworks throughout the night.

Lentils and pork

You read that right... as part of the new year's traditions, you're meant to eat lentils and pork at midnight. Lentils were the first-ever legume to be cultivated, and though a reason for eating them at Capodanno could be a mention in the Bible, we owe their consumption to the Romans. They used to gift a leather satchel full of lentils on New Year's Eve in the hope that the legumes would turn into money. So, lentils are a symbol of riches, and you eat them on the night of Capodanno for a prosperous and rich new year to come.


If you think that Italians are taking Christmas seriously, then you need to be in Italy on New Year’s Eve. That's a proper celebration. With red underwear, lots of food, buying new pots and pans and enjoying fireworks. No matter where in Italy you might stay. On New Year's Eve, you will find a party where you will be welcome, and where you can enjoy the night lit up with fireworks.

Buon Capodanno from Lavolio!