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Bringing Italian Christmas Into Your Home

Only real Italians know how to celebrate an Italian Christmas.

But, how can you give your friends and family a true Italian Christmas back home, or wherever you are? An Italian Christmas is definitely something that you might want your loved ones to experience in your home country. A different Christmas this year. 

With these tips, you will be able to create an Italian Christmas, even if you aren’t staying in Italy, and you are back home. I hope this will give your family the best Christmas ever.

Let the celebrations begin on December 24

In Italy, Christmas celebrations begin on December 24, or Christmas eve, way before midnight. People are toasting to Christmas, family, and friends. They are then enjoying antipasti and then a big feast and just have a great time together as one big, happy family.

This is also the day where families are getting together to start preparing the food for Christmas day. On Christmas day, no one wants to prepare food for everyone, especially if you have a big family. All the food preparations get done as early as a few days before. Most families are making it a fun, family day, preparing and cooking meals together.

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Colourful, Christmas decorations and Christmas socks in the home

There isn’t a home in Italy that doesn’t have Christmas decorations in and outside of it. With Christmas lights and decorations everywhere, and on an evergreen tree in your home. This is a great way to start your Italian Christmas. Remember that their holidays are a month-long, so you need to decorate your home at the end of November or on December 8th. Make your tree and your "presepe", a miniature nativity scene. Stockings are hung only a bit later, in time for January 6th, or Epifania. 

A feast of Italian food on Christmas day

This is the best part of having an Italian Christmas. All the Italian food that you and your family will be able to enjoy. The great thing about this is the fact that you can find many Italian Christmas food recipes online.

Most of these recipes are easy to make and local ingredients can be used. There are meat, fish, seafood, vegetables, and dessert on the Christmas dinner table. Forget your traditional Christmas dinner and switch to Italian food this year.

Surprise your loved ones with a celebration on January 6, Epiphany day

In order to make this a true Italian Christmas this year, you need to celebrate on January 6 as well. This is known as  Epiphany day. This is when the so-called witch brings presents to fill kid's stockings. Small gifts, chocolates and sweets for good children, and sugar coal for bad ones.In Italian, we say that "Epiphany takes away all the festivities" because it is the last official celebration before going back to work and to school. Even though it is more a celebration for children, there aren’t any rules that state that adults can’t receive a present or two, or just enjoy some rest.

This is how you celebrate an Italian Christmas if you aren’t staying in Italy. It can be fun, and something to remember for the rest of your lives, if you change your traditional Christmas this year into an Italian Christmas. Fun, celebrations and presents for a whole month.