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Italian Confectionery. These Are The Ones That You Absolutely Need To Taste

What is my favourite Italian confectionery? This is really a difficult choice to make.

I love every sweet thing that you can purchase in Italy.  There is just something different in Italian sweets and treats that you won’t find anywhere else. Even if you can purchase Italian treats in your country, maybe from a deli, it's just not the same. These Italian confectioneries are the treats that you absolutely need to taste. You will not regret it, for sure.


If you think that Gelato is just another name for ice cream then you should think again. I know that most people think that Gelato is just another type of ice cream, but this isn’t the case.

Gelato is less butterfat, less air whipped in and more flavour. It freezes a lot harder and melts in your mouth a lot faster. Giving you a taste that you never had before. The secret here is where you are going to purchase your Gelato. Especially, if you are outside of Italy. A real Italian ice cream parlour will sell the right version. And, a huge variety of flavours.

Some of them, especially in the south of Italy, also sell granita, a healthier, more flavourful version of a slushie. And also brioches and pastries that you can fill with your choice of gelato. To die for.


Cannoli is a pastry filled with whipped ricotta cheese. There are now Italians that are preparing cannoli with a different type of fillings, like custard or whipped cream. However, I prefer the original ricotta flavour.

This is an Italian treat at its best. A treat for that mid-morning snack when you are craving something small, but sweet. Italian bakeries have the best cannolis, and this is where I always purchase mine.

Cannoli and gelato
Italian chocolates

Yes, you read right. Italian chocolates are delicious in Italy and some of the best in the world. But then, Italian chocolates should be those homemade chocolates with a secret ingredient added to the chocolate.

If you think that purchasing any chocolate in the sweet shops in Italy is going to be the same as in any other country, then you should think again. The Italian chocolate that I like most is the Lavolio Italian chocolate box. Only those that have tried any Italian chocolates will understand why this is such a popular Italian confectionery.  


This might look like a small piece of bread, but in fact, this is flaky, crispy pastry with a delicious filling. The outer layer is thin pastry leaves with a semi-sweet ricotta filling. This is the original Sfogliatelle. There are some bakeries with a variety of fillings, but most Italians, like me, prefer the original ones with the ricotta filling. Ideal for those that don’t like too sweet treats.

The fresher they are, the better they taste. So, make sure that you are purchasing it directly from the bakery, first thing in the morning when they are still warm and fresh.

Italian confectionery. Treats that you will not find anywhere else in the world. You might be able to buy similar products back home, but without the Italian touch, they will never taste the same. These are the top Italian confectionaries that you should try when you are in Italy. And, you might want to take some home as well. Italians like their treats and these are my favourite ones.