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Italian Culture Fun Facts You Might Not Know

Italy is a very iconic country, and so is Italian culture. There are so many things that you have heard or seen about Italy. But, there are also so many fun facts you might not know about this great country.

We all know that Italy loves its food, like pasta, pizza, and chocolates, just to name a few. We know that they produce great items like olive oil, wine, and clothing, that you and I might be using on a daily basis. All delicious Italian food aside, today I want to tell you about some of my favourite Italian culture fun facts that you might not have known of!

Italians added colour to the fireworks

It is widely known that Chinese scientists invented fireworks. But, the first fireworks were not as we know them today.  At their inception, fireworks used to be a white-yellow-ish colour. Italans were the first to discover how to apply colour to fireworks and make them what we know today.

I find it quite interesting and fitting to learn that Italy took something that someone else had created and helped in making it more beautiful and vivacious. Also, this might explain why Italians love fireworks a lot! With every celebration, you will always find some sort of firework display. Sometimes the display is huge, sometimes it is just normal household fireworks. But, Italians have a long history with fireworks, and they are proud to remember that they gave them the colour we know and love today.

Italian culture fun facts
Italy is the largest wine producer in the world

There are many countries in the world which make and produce excellent wine. Spain, France, and even Argentina come to mind immediately. As a wine lover, you have a huge variety of wine to choose from, which comes from almost everywhere in the world. However, if you wonder what country is the biggest wine producer, then you don’t need to wonder anymore.

Because of the climate and temperatures that Italy has, the Belpaese is the largest wine producer in the world. Italian wine-makers can plant and grow a huge variety of grapes that they use to make world-renown wines. You will find red wines, white wines, rosé wines, dry wines, dessert wines and of course, Prosecco. If you are a wine drinker, visiting Italy will be like visiting heaven.

Lilies are Italy's national flower

I think many Italians do not know about this fact as well. Not only that lilies are Italy's national flower, but that Italy had a national flower to begin with! Why lilies? They are meant to symbolise patriotism, love, purity and sophisticated beauty. It is well-known that Italians love their country and are very proud of their customs, traditions and values -which is why lilies' patriotic meaning makes it the perfect national flower for Italy.
P.S.: Italy's national animal is the wolf!

These are a few fun facts you might not have known about Italy and Italian culture. There are so many things you can learn about Italy. From their love of good food to the importance of family.