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Italian Dishes You've Never Seen Before

One thing that we all know is that Italian dishes are delicious. When they cook, Italians are putting all their love and so much effort into each meal. We know that pizza and pasta are the top food to try in Italy. But, what about the Italian dishes that we don’t know or you've never seen before?

There are so many Italian dishes that I have heard about, and tried, that you might not have seen before. You won’t go wrong if you are trying these meals, that you have not seen before, but that are really delicious.


Arancini is a popular dish that you can find in Sicily and southern Italy. This might sound like a foreign dish, but if you look at the ingredients, you will find that this is nothing more than deliciously tasty rice balls.

There are different varieties of this meal, but the original arancini are rice, thick tomato and meat sauce with cheese and peas. It is covered in breadcrumbs and deep fried. A complete meal in just one arancini ball. Delicious and a meal that you must try. 

Best Italian dishes

Trippa is another Italian meal that you might not want to try. This isn’t just a dish that you might not have seen before, but this is also a dish that not many people consider. And, if you don’t like eating strange things, you should make sure that you know what your ordering when you are ordering Trippa.

This is tripe, also known as intestines of a cow. The tripe is perfectly cooked and becomes soft and spongy in texture. There are different varieties, but the one that people like the most is the soup Trippa or the fried trippa.

Pasta alla Carbonara

You might have heard or even tried the Pasta alla Carbonara before. But the chance that you have eaten the original Italian dish is low.

There are different varieties of the Pasta alla Carbonara, but this is the original one where spaghetti is cooked and served with pieces of pancetta, then tossed all together in raw egg and finely grated cheese, and topped with black pepper to finish the dish. There isn’t a sign of the white sauce or the heavy cream that most people make the meal with. Something that you might not have considered, but this is really delicious and something to try.


Ribollita is also known as the poor man’s food. This is mostly leftovers that you are putting together and making a soup from. Ribollita literally means "boiled again".

The main ingredients are leftover bread, beans and any vegetables that you can find. Maybe even the leftovers from the previous night. Normally this was a dish that was prepared for servants and workers, but today, this is a fast and tasty meal that you can make with your leftovers. And, this is delicious if it is prepared the right way.

These are all Italian dishes that you might not have seen or tasted. Or, you only tried one of the varieties of these meals. When you are visiting Italy, you can choose any one of these dishes. You might not know the dishes, but after you have tried it, you will see that it is actually really delicious.