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Italian Food, Chocolates & Family

Italian food, chocolates and family. These are the three things Italians really can't do without.

What do you think when you think about Italy and Italians? Maybe, like me, you just dream about taking a holiday and visiting this country. Or also thinking about the friendliness of the locals and the beauty of the Italian countryside.

However, there are three things that really stand out when it comes to Italy. Italian food, chocolates, and family. These are the three most important things to Italians, and you'll be able to experience this if you visit Italy. I hope this post will help you understand these three things better, as well as understanding Italian people better.

Italian Food

Italians know how to prepare food. They love eating their pizza, pasta, pastries and different types of bread. Vegetables, cheese, and healthy eating is something that you will find in Italy.

Many tourists travel to Italy from all over the world, just to experience the taste of real Italian food like pizza or pasta. Pasta is freshly made and can be served in many different ways. Different regions have different traditional dishes and food favourites which they like to make. Also, each region will have specific types of cheese, and each meal will be accompanied by different varieties of handmade bread. So, when you are in Italy, by visiting different regions, you will each time have a different foodie experience. 

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Italian Chocolates

Italian chocolates. Do I really need to say more?

Just as Italians like their savoury food, they love their pastries, desserts, and chocolates. Italy has a long history of chocolate-making, and a passion for using high-quality cocoa beans and other ingredients.

One of the most popular chocolates you will find in Italy is the ones mixed with nuts, especially hazelnuts. The best part is that you don’t need to visit Italy to be able to purchase and enjoy true Italian chocolates. There are many different varieties of chocolates on the internet, that are known as Italian homemade chocolates that you can purchase and enjoy.


We can learn so much from the Italians. For them, there isn’t anything more important than family. They will do anything for their families. Forgive anything, and get together as often as possible.

They know the importance of taking care of one another and of those they really care about. Therefore, there isn’t anything that they won't do or sacrifice for their families. While many other countries in the world have very different relationships and dynamics between family members, Italians are still completely dedicated to their families. The larger the family, the bigger the family get-together. Hospitality is also a core Italian value, so strangers and aquaintances are always welcome.

There is something special to Italy. Something that you will not find easily anywhere else. Family, food, and chocolates. These three things are the things that Italians can't do without. These three things are important to everyone living or visiting Italy. And, those who do visit this great country will understand what I mean about Italy being all about family, food and chocolates.