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Italian Nuts: Everything You Need To Know

When people think about Italy, the one thing they think about immediately is Italian food. What about Italian nuts?

Of course, Italians really do love their cheese. The different variety of cheeses that you can find there, and the different dishes that you can make with cheese as an ingredient are giving away this secret.

But, did you know that they love their Italian nuts just as much? That they are using a variety of nuts in several different dishes and confections. And, there aren’t many desserts that they are making, that don’t have a certain type of nut in as an ingredient. This is everything that you might find interesting about Italian nuts if you love finding out more about Italian cuisine.

Italians have a real passion for nuts

Italians have a real passion for nuts. This is true, even if this is something that not many people realise. And, that people that are allergic to nuts, need to be really careful about what they are ordering and eating when they are visiting Italy.

They like to add nuts to every possible dessert, ice cream or even salad if they can. They know the health benefits of the different nuts, and they know about how great nuts can improve any dish's flavour and texture. Even if this isn’t a secret, it might be something that not many people know. That Italians love their nuts, and that they will order and buy sugared nuts all the time. One of their favourite snacks of all time.

Chocolate covered nuts

Different nuts you can find in Italy

There is a huge variety of different nuts that you can find in Italy. Nuts that are native to Italy. However, there are also some nuts that are getting imported to Italy, because of their love of nuts. Some of the most popular nuts that they are using in Italy will include hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts and pistachios. Some of these Italian nuts are so high quality and high in demand that production has been increasing in order to export them to other countries as well.

Nuts that are toasted and added to salads are a great way of making the salad more exotic and nuts in desserts are giving some texture to the different desserts.

Italian nuts covered in chocolate. Everyone’s first choice

Italian nuts covered in chocolate. Everyone’s first choice for sure. There isn’t a single Italian chocolatier that won’t make chocolates without some added nuts into the chocolate.

Each chocolatier might use a different type of nut, but at the end of the day, you will find nuts in chocolates everywhere. This is giving the chocolate a different taste and is making the chocolate rich, with a nutty taste, no matter how many nuts were added to the chocolates.

Italian nuts. Something that every Italian love to eat. This is their favourite snack to enjoy in-between meals. And, then they are using nuts in their dishes as well. If you enjoy different nuts, then a visit to Italy will be fun. You will be able to enjoy a variety of nuts, and nut meals. Especially when it comes to nuts in tins and nut chocolates.