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The Secret To Italian Nutty Chocolates...

What is the secret to Italian nutty chocolates -why are they so much better than other chocolates?

It's the reason why you should choose to purchase the Italian versions rather than normal chocolates if you are looking for real, tasty nutty chocolates.

The question is why? Why do Italian chocolates taste so different from other chocolates? And why are people choosing to buy imported Italian chocolates, and not purchase local supermarket chocolates? These are questions that will hopefully be answered in this blog post.

The quality of the cocoa beans

When it comes to your supermarket chocolate, the main difference with Italian chocolates is the quality of the cocoa beans. Many large companies who mass-produce the chocolate import low-quality cocoa beans, or highly processed ones.

Importing high-quality cocoa beans is quite expensive. Most likely, large companies will choose to allocate their budgets somewhere else. This means that they are importing lower-quality, but more affordable cocoa beans. The moment that the quality of the beans is lower, the taste of the chocolate will be inferior as well.

Italian nutty chocolates
Italian chocolates use high-quality nuts

Italian chocolates are so much tastier because every single ingredient used is high-quality. The nuts added to the chocolate originate from Italy. Also, the chocolates are produced as close to the ingredients'original provenance as possible.

Hazelnuts from Piedmont, Almonds from Puglia, and Pistachios from Sicily. You will be able to taste how much of a difference high-quality ingredients like nuts can make in the flavour of the final chocolates. If you think that all nuts are the same, think again.

It is of no surprise that Gianduia chocolate is so delicious, and it comes from Italy. Gianduia is made by combining milk chocolate with hazelnut paste. The hazelnuts used in the original recipe are a specific variety, with a particular taste and texture. By changing the hazelnuts in Gianduia, and therefore the quality of the nuts, you almost wouldn't have Gianduia anymore!

Creamier and tastier

The other difference between Italian chocolates and other chocolates is the type of dairy products Italians are using. Artisanal Italian chocolatiers choose to use high-quality milk and dairy for their chocolate-making. Milk that comes from a grass-fed cow tastes very different from milk produced by a cereal- or grain-fed cow.

The final texture and consistency of the chocolate will also be different depending on the dairy. Finally, when you are choosing Italian chocolates, have a look at the label to see where and from which cows the milk content comes from.

These differences make Italian chocolates worth buying!

Yes, Italian chocolates might slightly more expensive at times, but their flavour, quality and the experience of receiving nutty chocolates from Italy make the difference in price worth it. Italian chocolates have more value to them than regular supermarket ones, which makes them perfect as a present for someone special.

There is a huge difference between Italian nutty chocolates and other chocolates. Finally, the secret is actually quite simple: higher-quality ingredients and artisanal production make them tastier. The only way to understand the real difference is to try real Italian chocolates!